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Victorious Boxers Revolution



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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i
Cartoon Violence

Product Description

Victorious Boxers: Revolution is a challenging, intense boxing title for the Wii™.The first dedicated boxing title for the Wii, this game makes full use of its uniquemotion-control capabilities. Gameplay is realistic to appeal to sports and boxing fans,but also has an extensive Story Mode and many unique fighters with their own specialmoves, making it involving and easy to play for all audiences.
A boxing game with realistic fighting action and intuitive controls, Victorious Boxers:Revolution takes full advantage of the unique capabilities of the Wii Remote™ andNunchuk™ to give players an authentic, real-life boxing experience. The various movesinclude punches like jabs, straights, uppercuts and hooks, as well as defensivemaneuvers like ducks and sways.Players can enjoy head-to-head rounds with their friends or play through the deep andcompelling Story Mode as they follow the story of Ippo Makunouchi, a high schoolstudent who is bullied by his classmates, as he rises to the top of the professionalboxing ranks. Each of the opponents Ippo faces has unique moves and techniques.Various control schemes allow eager players to punch and weave with their body tomake the action appear onscreen for the full boxing experience, as well as lessstrenuous options and even Classic Controller compatibility. The standard viewpoint ispositioned right behind the player's transparent fighter to further enhance the feelingof being right there in the heat of battle.
Realistic one-on-one boxing experience, the first of its kind on the Wii.
  • Massive Story Mode with loads of in-game cut-scenes, voiced dialogue and plenty ofunlockable content including special abilities, stages and boxers.
  • Sparring Mode with a variety of adjustable settings such as number of rounds andknock-down limits.
  • 25 playable characters to choose from, each with their own unique special movessuch as the Gazelle Punch, Shotgun and Flicker Jab, and the ability to adjust theirspeed, power and strength parameters.
  • Three different control modes: Swing Mode allows the player to punch and maneuverusing the Wii Remote and Nunchuk as if they are wearing boxing gloves; Pointer Modeallows the player to point and place a cursor on their target on screen and executethe moves with a smaller movement of the Wii Remote; and Classic Controller Mode.
  • A variety of stages and venues to choose from, including Sydney City Arena,Las Vegas Palace and Korakuen Hall.

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9 years ago
This game is okay, but I wouldn't really recommend it because of the bad graphics, and horrible controls. Though once and a while this gets fun. XSeed should have done better with this. Rent this, if you like boxing but don't get it.
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Great game even though its quite different
Game Fan 123
12 years ago
This game is VERY unique. There is more story packed into it than any other boxing game on earth. In between fights you will sit there and watch anime cut scenes go on and on and on...and you can't skip them. Depending on the mood you're in, that's either a good thing or a bad thing. But I have to say that the amount of artwork and effort put forth by these developers really impressed me. As I said in the title of this review, the controls are weak. The problem is that the gameplay itself feels a little akward and takes ALOT of getting used to. At first you won't really know what you did to win or lose a fight. Don't buy this if you want a good, tight, hand eye coordination challenge that you'll get from Punch Out!! Or a true simulation experience that you'll get from Fight Night 4. Buy it because it's story and originality run circles around those two games. This game is in a class of its own and is well worth the money if you can get past the unusual gameplay.
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Buy this game
12 years ago
This game is much better than Wii sports boxing. On Wii sports sometimes you will punch and punch and nothing happens. In VBR if you move your controls it punches. There are several ways to set up the controls. The first way is a little tricky to learn but once you do it is worth it. Only problem the story and graphics during the story is a little weak but you can skip that if you want. The game can be as easy or hard as you like. You can choose the level you can choose to fight as different fighters. Each fighter has different special punches a few are to be kind not realistic but nothing to bad. I hear the XBox version was to hard and they say they fixed it. For my money i say they did. Overall if you like Wii boxing you will love this game
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Best Boxing Game Available on the Wii
12 years ago
I am a huge fan of the Hajime no Ippo, the manga/anime that the game is based off of, so don't think that this is just a biased fan's opinion. I love boxing and have been looking for a good simulation boxing game that would match up well, without having to step in a ring and have to mess up somebody else's face, and this is that solution. If you are looking for a good boxing game, this will be it as long as you take the time to understand the game and its design scheme. Controls: I figured I should begin here because most of the game's low points from the online and magazine reviews were from the controls. This game boasts multiple control schemes, the main one being 100% motion controls, which is where the problems begin. Basically if you hold up the Wii Remote and Nunchuck and lean them slightly in any direction, your character in the game will lean. If you lean the controllers more in any direction, the character will move. Punches are registered through movements you have to follow that would somewhat mimic the actual punch. In this control scheme however, basically the game has trouble registering between what is a punch, to movements, to even leaning, causing the confusion in the game. You can also use a Gamecube controller or a Classic Controller which is pretty much button pusher-esque gameplay but that isn't what you are looking for or else you would get a game designed around those controllers. Control Scheme 2 is where the fun is because the punches are still registered through motion but the movement and leaning is done with the Analog stick. This makes the game MUCH more enjoyable and that is how I play the game. No confusion or what not whenever you need to get away or you just want to punch the guy in the face. 8.0 Graphics: The game uses Cel shading graphics that looks good but is pretty much last generation console graphics. Since you own a Wii, you already know that the Wii will probably never match up with the PS3 or 360 so I guess you can't really take that away from the game. If you are okay with the cartoony/anime styled graphics then you should be fine with what the game offers. 9.5 Sound: The game has voice over cutscenes in English with voice actors who are very passionate with speaking lines. Some people will think they are corny, but I watch anime and know how emotional those voice actors can be so its no big deal. The music is fast paced, adrenaline pumping japanese styled techno. Announcer will get annoying after a while but that is normal for actual sports announcers for me. 9.0 Overall: 8.8 Game is fun, for a boxing simulator and especially for fans of the series. This game can seriously spend you some hours swinging away. If you don't mind sweating a little then you are in for a treat. Watch some videos online, and don't listen to the biased reviews online. Definitely check it out if you can!
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Not much better than wii sports boxing
13 years ago
The only real difference between this and Wii sports boxing is the addition of an uppercut and hook. There is also more mobility among your characters. Besides that, you can save yourself the bucks and play Wii Sports or find a better boxing game. The story mode is quite boring. 70% of story mode isn’t even fighting, but more watching a poorly made movie. The load times are pretty slow and there isn’t much of a challenge getting through fights. The graphics resemble those of early PS2 games. The characters are limited, and all seem to fight the same regardless of what their stats say. There are very few unlockables, besides the new punches or characters. There is no build your own boxer, or modifications. The game has very low replay value. I can’t wait for Fight Night to hit the Wii
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