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Spy Game Elevator Mission



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Product Description

Spy Game Elevator Mission is arcade gaming redone to show the Wii systems power. With new graphic updates and game play Spy Game Elevator Mission has been designed for the Wii. Use a wide rang of weapons and melee weapons to take out guards as you try to steal the secret and escape with your life.
You're a secret agent tasked with recovering vital documents from the enemy syndicate. Use strategy, stealth and cunning to accomplish your mission. Get in! Get out! The classic gameplay of Elevator Mission is back with a new twist. Utilizing the unique control functions of the Nintendo Wii, along with 3D graphics, this action game is reborn for next-generation consoles.
  • Enhanced 3D Graphic -- From sprites to polygons, this title has been faithfully re-created for next-gen systems. Environments, levels, weapons and enemies will be familiar to fans of the series while creating a new experience for those unfamiliar with the series.
  • Level Design -- Play through one enormous level, spread out through 40+ sections, minimizing load times and keeping the action continuous.
  • Replay Value -- Missions will never get stale as the key figures holding important documents and other items are randomly assigned, giving the game almost infinite replay value.

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Another piece of garbage
4 years ago
I don't remember how much I payed for this, but it was too much. This piece wouldn't pass on the PS1. All 3 (Yes I know SUCH a variety) of the guns are garbage, just to get below floor 40 (You start on floor 50) you need to go through a different elevator to the same floor to get a keycard that you can't even find unless you kill a special enemy and get a map from his corpse, and the controls are pure garbage. Basically don't even consider getting this game.
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Don't Let The Title Mislead You.
10 years ago
I bought this sometime in 2009, and to be honest, there was practically a reason why it was so cheap: because Spy Games: Elevator Mission is a bland game. When i bought it at first, i assumed that since it mentioned elevators, i thought it was a 3d adaptation of Taito's Elevator Action. What I ended up getting instead is a poor man's James Bond game which has the same boring sounds, the enemies usually are too easy to kill since they often take their time to aim at your character, and there's not much of a variety in weapons and gadgets. If you are going to get it and you have any gun-shell, it does get a tad bit fun, but be prepared to let go of the nunchuk in order to use the D-Pad. To simply put it, it's just not worth playing a whole lot.
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A Complete Bore
10 years ago
$5.99 is $5.99 to much for this bore fest. Spy Games Elevator Missions plays and looks like an arcade game from the 90's minus all fun and joy. only if you wish to punish your kids should you even give this game a passing glance. here you play as a Spy who must go through a 50 story building to find 5 disk. Every 10 floors you find a disk and the background changes and floors get bigger. Each floor is randomly made and plays out like a maze. You shoots dumb guys and find an elevator and repeat it ti your board to death. Aiming/moving/and turning is clunky and makes it hard to look/shoot. sucking any fun you made of had. There's nothing really left to say about this game it's dull, boring, unfun. Avoid this at all cost and spend that $6 on a combo meal or save it up for Goldeneye.
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