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Puzzle Kingdoms

Zoo Games, Inc.


  • Nintendo Wii
  • Nintendo DS


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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
Violent References

Product Description

From the acclaimed designer of Puzzle Quest, Steve Fawkner of Infinite Interactive, comes Puzzle Kingdoms. Deep, classic turn based empire gameplay tells an incredible story. Instead of auto-resolved conflict, a unique puzzle mechanic makes each battle unique and addictive.

Number of Players:
2 players simultaneous

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Awesome and very addicting!
10 years ago
I love puzzle games but this game was all I wanted and more. I have never played rpg's before and didnt know that this was one. It was so addicting that I lost track of time and played for over 5 hours straight. Once you get started you never wanna stop. Even after you beat the game which I just did you can still go back and play more games and redo your battles. There are so many options you can never get bored. And mine didnt have a glitch it saved every time I needed it too and even when I didnt. Anytime you level up or gain any object or anything it automatically saves. My husband even got addicted to watching me play. He would ask me to play so he would have something to do.
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Great game for thinkers.
10 years ago
My sisters and I found Puzzle Kingdoms at a local GameStop, and we love it. In the campaign, you're battling with a variety of troops and heroes, and every battle is a puzzle. Every move you make affects your own troops as well as your opponent's. I really enjoy that every move must be made thinking of both your offensive and your defensive. You must calculate the pros and cons, discerning whether it will help you or the other side more. Throughout the campaign, you can unlock new troops (a variety are available, from men to dragons, dwarfs to demons, pegasuses to catapults) through puzzles. Different ones require different colored power-ups from the puzzle to be able to attack. They have various defense and attack skills, that are affected by the equipment that you provide your hero. This equipment is also unlocked through puzzles. Each time you defeat a new kingdom, you can reach new troop and equipment puzzles to enhance your army. The options and customization get even better. Each time you enter a new kingdom to attack, you select which heroes, troops, and relics you wish to use. Upon selecting heroes, you select the spells and equipment they'll have available during battles. Each time you conquer a kingdom, you can customize it with troops and heroes. All of these things are worth a certain amount of points, so what you can have depends on the kingdom that you're customizing. It's great to organize your own attack force and abilities, and fairly simple once you get the gist. I've had no problem what-so-ever with saving. Whether you're in a kingdom on the attack, or working on adding to your army and equipment, the only time that you can't save is when you're in the middle of a puzzle. Even then, you can close out without too much loss and save your game. Also, when you're in a battle, nothing can happen if you set the controller down to take care of something. You take a turn, your opponent takes a turn. No baddies are going to come up and surprise you while you aren't looking. The storyline isn't ultra prominent, but it's engaging with a hint of comedy thrown in, here and there. I've definitely got a couple laughs, but it's suitably serious and encourages you on, as you're ultimately freeing kingdoms with a little tough love. A great bonus is the music, which is beautiful and has its epic moments. There's also multiplayer mode, where you can battle against your friends and/or family. There are various levels of combat, allowing simple battles with small troops, heroes and spells, to complex battles with advanced troops, heroes, and up to four spells to play with. It gives you these things at random, dependent on what difficulty you select. A nice set-up, in my opinion. Overall, I love this game. I can pick it up and set it down easily enough, but I always come back to it. It engages my mind and has a good level of difficulty, naturally increasing as you go through the game and power up. I would recommend it to anyone who likes strategy/thinking through their games and fantasy. One last note: This isn't a quicky game. It'll last and develop as you go, with lots of options. I have yet to play through the entire game, but I completely expect it to keep getting better, as it has for the past while. Totally worth the money.
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An EXCELLENT Puzzle Game Destroyed By A Save Glitch
12 years ago
I was EXTREMELY excited once I got my hands on Puzzle Kingdoms. I popped it into my Wii and got to know the new puzzling system. Its very different from Puzzle Quest in that Puzzle Kingdoms there is A LOT of more thought and strategy involved with each and every move that you do. You get to recruit all types of people to your army and each one has specific attacks, strengths and weaknesses which is pretty awesome. Now maybe, JUST MAYBE, this was just my copy of Puzzle Kingdoms but the game is destroyed by a game saving glitch. You see, I had played Puzzle Kingdoms for about a good hour and a half, then after my share of defeats I decided to save it and come back to it later. So I clicked on the option to "save and quit" then came back to continue the campaign later on in the day but when I choose the option to continue the campaign it started me back from the very beginning of the game. I thought I had did something wrong so I decided to go at it again, played it for about 10-15 minutes to test it out again, hit the "save and quit" option, shut off the Wii, started it back up again, clicked "continue campaign", and low and behold IT STARTED ME AGAIN FROM THE BEGINNING. Needless to say I was pretty frustrated. Again, maybe it was just my copy of the game but I'm just giving a heads up to anyone who does purchase the game that this may happen to you also. Its a real shame because the game itself is really good but if every copy of this game is glitched how can anyone be expected to finish it?
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