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Neighborhood Games

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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
Mild Cartoon Violence

Product Description

Take a walk down memory lane to the days when you played with your friends until dark Imagine a place where you can play all those games, where the level of competition is matched only by the sheer amount of fun. Neighborhood Games is that place, offering 24 unique twists on those popular games. No need to worry about the rain ending your fun!


  • 24 fun twists on popular neighborhood games, including: Football, Basketball, Baseball, Golf, Tennis, Ladder Golf, Lawn Darts, Horseshoes, Bocce, Squirt Guns, Slingshots, RC Planes, RC Cars and more!
  • Neighborhood Sports offers a pick up and play experience as the controls will be very familiar to fans of Wii Sports and Wii Play.Use familiar motions to jump into your favorite neighborhood sport!
  • Defeat the backyard bosses and become the champion of the neighborhood.
  • Conquer the neighborhood by yourself or challenge your friends and family. Play to beat the bosses, just for fun, in tournaments, or in an elimination mode.
  • Create your own fully customizable, playable characters.

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Great for new wii gamers.
8 years ago
If you are just now getting a wii i would recommend it. If you are a gamer and are looking for a great game you should pass, but it is great for newbies.
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Good game, takes a little practise but rewarding
12 years ago
I recently got this game and have had a chance to try it with non gamers ( family members) and in a party environment with a good mix of gamers and non gamers. Theres a little bit of everything in this game for everyone. Alot of the games use an underhand throw technique thats quite simple to perform once you understand how and when to press the button. You swing your hand like your actually throwing a dart or something and you press the trigger (B) button before you start your swing then release it when you want to release the dart. Gamers have no problem with this but people who have never played a game before tended to release the button after their hand stopped moving, which doesn't work, but they soon figured it out. Anyways, the throwing is very accurate distance wise. You can place the dart at just about any spot in the direction you're pointing in with a little practise. For instance the game Water Darts has you throwing darts into targets in a swiming pool and you have to be able to avoid landing in red targets that subtract points and hit the green ones that add points. Every 40 or so seconds the patterns change and you have to get the minimum number of points to proceed. I managed to get to the last level on this one after a bit of practise though it was hard for people who hadn't tried the throwing technique before, better to start them off on the the classic lawndarts game. I also noticed that you could make the dart veer to the left or write by swinging your hand left or right after starting your swing. You aim with the dpad though so its better to try and throw straight or at least the same everytime and then compensate with the dpad aiming to hit your mark. The single player games are divided into 5 catagories (lawndarts, horse shoes, bocce, shuffleboard and basketball) and theres 3 varients of each type of game with the classic versions being unlocked out of the box (all 24 games were available for multiplayer out of the box however). Unlocking the rest of the games is easy and quick as you only have to beat each game on Easy once. Most games aren't too challenging but the Hard difficulty level can take some practise to master. The basketball games were a little tricky but once you figure out that you have to go for the rebound to sink shots from the sides its not too bad. The lawndarts, horse shoes and bocce games played really well though, particually the Beach Ball bocce game. In that one you have to try and knock a beach ball across the other teams goal line by throwing bocce balls at it. It seems very simple but it plays great, particularly in multiplayer (the ai is a little too easy on this one in single player). You can do 4 player simultaneous in this game and it’s a total hoot. Each difficulty level you beat in single player unlocks new clothing items that you can customize your character with and if you beat the hard levels you get the boss models unlocked for multiplayer. Multiplayer is where this game really shines, especially since there’s another 9 games available. Some of the non gamers will have a lot of problems with these, but the gamers will really enjoy them. That would include the RC games, planes and trucks, and the super soaker Water Wars game. These are the ones we spent the most time with but they can be frustrating to people who don’t play games at all. Some games can only handle 2 players simultaneously but you can do 4 player tournaments with them at least. Tennis and the shuffleboards come to mind. Our favorites of the single player games in multiplayer were lawndarts, waterdarts, beach ball, battle ships, herding , shuffle board bumpers, bocce and baseball darts. Those last three can be quite long games though with 4 players, the others worked better in a party enivironment. All of those used the underhand throwing technique and were pretty easy to play for anyone. Overall theres a lot to like here. Not every game is a winner and theres the odd glitch but for the money you can’t l
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STOP! Save your money...
12 years ago
DO NOT BUY THIS GAME! I was looking forward to purchasing this game since it was first announced. They marketed this game as being like the Wii Sports and Wii Play (swing and release). However, the controls are too sensitive and there is no way to control how hard you throw/shoot items (i.e. basketball, field darts, bocce, etc.) There is no comparison to the Wii Sports and Wii Play, those games were much more entertaining and fun for the entire family. Neighborhood Games is a complete disaster! The one and only thing I found positive about the game was the graphics. I liked the environments in which the games were set. I bought this game for my wife and kids and they gave up on it in the first 20 minutes they played. I consider myself somewhat a hardcore gamer and I was frustrated with how the sensitive and sloppy the controls were in the game. For instance, in the basketball game you are to press and hold the B-button, and release it while making an over the head motion with the controller. However, with the lack of how hard or soft you are shooting, you will shoot an air ball 70% of the time. Field Darts were much of the same, but instead of an over the head motion you make an underhanded motion with the controller. Again, you may throw the dart way beyond the targets or throw it down at your feet, After about 40 minutes I was able to learn the controls just enough to be competitive against the computer. The game does have 24 different games, however most are the same swing and release, just the sport and environment change. The football game was... well...bad! The game reminds me of a 6 year old pee-wee game, all the CPU players run around like they have no idea what to do. It might be more fun and entertaining if four people are playing, but it's definitely not with two players. Additionally, the customizable characters were disappointing, you defeat other opponents to unlock items and the items you receive are nothing special. Overall, this game takes much practice and patience, it takes more patience than an average 13 year old or younger possesses. If we were able to give negative numbers in review of these games this one probably would deserve save your money!
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