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Alien Syndrome

SEGA of America, Inc.


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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i
Fantasy Violence
Mild Suggestive Themes

Product Description

Take control of Earth Command Lieutenant, Aileen Harding, as she adventures through intense sci-fi battles against hordes of unique aliens and huge bosses. With an array of special abilities and combat powers, you'll draw on quick reflexes and skill plus a wide choice of weapons, armor, and items to defeat increasingly formidable opponents.

  • The best sci-fi action-RPG gameplay available for the Wii and the PSP.
  • In-depth gameplay with 15 intricate levels and multiple side quests – 20 hours of action-packed adventure.
  • Completely customize your character to expand in-game strategy options.
  • Intense and action-packed with 110 monsters, 15 sub-bosses and five main bosses to fight, using 80 weapons and hundreds of armor types and bonus items.
  • Rely on your loyal droid assistant to fight alongside you and exchange or improve your weapons and armor at any time.
  • Venture through the expansive sci-fi world with up to four friends wirelessly.
  • Co-operative 4-player multiplayer.
  • Inspired by the original SEGA arcade shooter.

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Classic Example on Why Remakes are Bad
10 years ago
When i bought this game, i was lulled into believing that this was a good re-incarnation of the Sega classic which hit arcades back in 1987. But what i got instead was a shameless re-make which takes place 100 years after the events of the original Alien Syndrome, and to top it all off, it's more of a hack-and-slash like the 3D Gauntlet games (Legends and Dark Legacy). As if that wasn't enough, you'll find yourself waving the wii remote frantically trying to figure out what to do.
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This game is GARBAGE!!!!!!
12 years ago
I love my Wii more than all of my other things combined. Alien Syndrome made me rethink this statement. When I first bought this game I was so exited to go home and play it. The game description was very well done and would trick even the most hardcore gamers into getting this game. I soon realized that the game would make a better pizza cutter than a Wii game. It was seriously, the worst game I have ever played. I was truly disgusted. This was the easiest game in the world. I had no trouble beating the enemies. The only thing that made it a challenge was the camera. The camera was directly above the player and you couldn't see anything around you. The graphics were LAME! I could hardly tell what anything was. As far as I was concerned, it was a pathetic attempt at making at making a computer generated alien. They all looked like square blobs! The producers were too lazy to add a decent story line. Your stuck on a ship with some poorly animated monsters. Big deal! The controls just didn't feel right. I would have changed the entire layout. In the weapons menu, it was all so complicated. I couldn't figure it out. Everyone knows that the Wii speaker on the Wii remote sounds like a child's blaster. Imagine that, only ALL of the sounds had that kind of quality (Or lack of it). There wasn't even background music. You can't even finish the game because it's so bad. You will play this game for thirty seconds, at max, and decide that this game is worthless. Alien Syndrome was by far the worst game I have ever played. If you have some spare money and you want to buy this game, burn it instead. You will get more enjoyment out of lighting your hard earned cash on fire than wasting it on this piece of garbage!
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A complete waste of money
12 years ago
ok i thought this game would be pretty sweet but soon...and i mean very soon i found out just how wrong i was. camera first of all the camera is as if on the ceiling looking nearly straight down on you, so your vision is pretty limited. you can zoom in...but why would you zoom in so close you cant see 10feet all around you. the ant army method is used heavily here too. i.e. making 1000 of the same monster and send them against you. you never see them pop, only a minor, small text, very easily missed message in the corner says when enemies are around and about to attack you. weapons weapons in the most part are fine, only ones i found useful in the long run were energy weapons since the only way to run out of ammo is to run out of energy that comes from your suit.which, if you put points into the rite places can never happen. there is one model for the melee weapons that i saw but many many colors to separate each type from another. also there are bombs, flamethrowers, and automatic guns, but no shotgun oddly enough. controls and interface very simplistic, push button to pick up items and open doors, point wii mote to fire and look in certain directions. the personal menus can be very confusing at first glance. the robot buddy that comes with you on your journey not only helps you fight but also makes items for you at times. most of the time the stuff is total junk but a ruby pops up every blue moon. challenge i gave this a 2 for a very simple point and shoot til whatever you want dead is dead.....that's it.... most enemies in the game are insanely slow so as you fire you just back petal til they go pop. same with the bosses. point, run, shoot, and heal when needed. graphics and animation the animation in this game is very smooth, running, swinging your melee weapon, moving your gun in a direction your point your wii mote thats different from where your running from is all well done. but the graphics suck. the main character model, the stages, everything about this visuals was lazily done. final thought this game was so awful that even though i tried to play it, i ground the final boss to the first area for the best energy weapon i could get, which took about 2hours since i kept getting everything but what i wanted. and forced myself to play this game to get my moneys' worth. i can only say now that it'll be never worth it. do not buy this game.
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