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ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+) i
Alcohol Reference
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Suggestive Themes

Product Description

Throughout the world, the people of the major powers throughout the land live in peace and prosperity, unaware that a great evil lurks on the horizon. There is a clandestine group, under the guise of scholarly research, plotting to resurrect a goddess whose time has long since passed. To achieve this goal, they need two things; a vessel of flesh and blood to house the spirit of the goddess, and the lives of every living being offered up as a sacrifice. It is against the backdrop of this coming chaos that Ares, an orphan from a small, forgotten village, sets out to seek his fortune as an adventurer. At the start of his journey, he encounters a beautiful young girl with mysterious powers named Shiera, who has not only lost her memories about herself, but also of the world around her. Together, they embark on an adventure that will ultimately decide the fate of the entire world.
  • Flexible Character Development System - Characters earn both Status and Skill Points each time they gain a level, and these points can be allocated to customize the skills across a wide range of different job classes such as Swordsman, Thief, and Merchant.
  • Upgradeable Weapons and Armor – Characters' armor and weapons can be upgraded by a blacksmith, or by affixing effect cards dropped by defeated monsters. Blacksmith upgrades will improve an item's overall stats, while effect cards boost specific features.
  • Game Play Optimized for Touchscreen – All attacks and commands are performed on the Touchscreen. Slash with the stylus to attack with your sword, and circle or tap the intended target to unleash magic spells.
  • Wireless Party-based Multiplayer - Players can take on the Tower of Mirages with up to 2 other friends using DS Wireless Play or Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection. With more than 50 floors, randomly generated maps and completion conditions, and the chance to obtain rare items, players can enjoy this feature long after the main story has been completed.
  • Cross-game Connectivity with Ragnarok Online - Special items for the original PC version can only be obtained through the DS version of the game. By providing cross-game connectivity with the PC version, fans will be able to further enjoy both

Number of Players:
up to 3 players

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Ragnarok DS
11 years ago
Good game to play, storyline is great, and out of all a 10/10 rating in my book. I recommend this game to any gamers that are looking for RPG's even if the story is short :). Ragnarok DS when i first got the game, is one of the best games i ever got to play considering there is a online version of the game. This game is definitely a hands up to buy, and will last at least about 40 hours of gameplay. Anyone who has played the online version of ragnarok will get use to the characters and what to expect in their genre. Ragnarok DS should be rated a 10/10 in GameInformer:). The story starts off as playing Ales, a character who lost his parents and tries to start a guild of his own to be the best of himself, unlike his father who left his mother in time of need. GOOD LUCK ADVENTURERS :)
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
A Fantastic Throwaway RPG
11 years ago
A throwaway RPG. Don't know what this means? Play Ragnarok DS. The storyline is as shallow as a headlong dive into a trickling stream--your personal involvement with the characters may possibly be significantly less than your personal involvement with the ripening tomato sitting next to you at the dinner table. The touchscreen controls are fluid, easy, and simplistic. The graphics showcase a brilliantly high level of spritework. The music is wholly forgettable. And the animations would make an 8-bit mario seem like seamless tai-chi master. That said, the game is simple. Simple interface, simple story, simple.....Fun. Personal preferences cannot be stressed more when applying them to a game such as this. At the time I picked this up, I was looking for the perfect time sink. I did not want to form a lasting attachment with any of these characters. I didn't give a rip whether they were happy or sad. In the end, I had only one goal in mind.: Loot. I love mindless wandering and loot collecting. That is, at its core, what Ragnarok is all about. Every enemy character in the game will, from time to time, drop a card. These cards have different stat level buffs and can be attached to your weapons--weapon upgrades are cool. I would not recommend Ragnarok to anyone looking for a deep story or epic, satisfying battles. It is, however, a great RPG for a lazy afternoon when you are not in the mood to do any real thinking, or be stirred emotionally.
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
New type of experience for Ragnarok
11 years ago
When i heard of the upcoming Ragnarok DS i was trilled. I had played Ragnarok Online for years before i had to start paying for it. The game is great! the way you have to use your stylus to give commands for spells or abilities makes it feel like your really part of the game. the story is pretty long too. i have over 15 hours of play time and i'm not even near the middle of it. i really look forward to playing Ragnarok DS via nintendo wi-fi. thecharacter customization is a little limited, then again all games with customs are lol you don't exactly customize your self but instead you custom ur equip. (shields, armor, weapons, ect) you'll notice that once u kill a monster it might drop a card. these cards are used to customize your gear and each card has a different effect. though each monster has the same card (if you kill a zombie theres a chance each zombie u kill will drop a zombie card. if u kill a bat each bat has a chance to drop a bat card) the graphics are like the real Ragnarok Online too! The jobs are another great thing. you get all the beginer jobs available in Ragnarok Online PLUS the 2nd classes after them! You don't get full access to abailites but you will get most of them. Last but not least, the difficulty. Now we all know how hard RPGs are. The makers just love to mess with our minds >.> lol Its like anyother RPG. if you don't keep up your level or the levels of your party members then it will be harder. All in all though i reccomend this game to any RPS love and especially to any RO lover :D also, if you have a RO account theres a neat trick to how things work in Ragnarok DS and Ragnarok Online
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics

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