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Puzzle Quest: Galactrix

D3 Publisher of America


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ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+) i
Alcohol Reference
Violent References

Product Description

The original puzzle addiction is back!
  • Over 100 battles within story mode
  • Re-designed puzzle board that's easier for new players, but adds incredible depth for pros
  • Collect over 30 different customizable spaceships which enhance your strategy with new powers and abilities
  • Battle across the galaxy in multiplayer battles
  • Signature addictive gameplay returns
  • Original Sci-Fi storyline that will blast you through battles across the universe
  • 5 new replayable mini-games that change the gameplay of the puzzle board


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Totally addicting!
9 years ago
This game was much better than the original PuzzleQuest! It gets rid of the random fights you have to do to get from place to place and adds several new types of matching methods. The matching is done on a hexagon with random gravity, so you never know which direction things will drop when you do a match! I rarely finish games, but I couldn't put this one down until I had done everything!
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Galatrix - as addictive as the original Puzzle Quest
12 years ago
I really enjoyed the first Puzzle Quest (fantasy) and couldn't wait for the scifi version to come out. I have not been disappointed. I'm still addicted to it two weeks after starting to play. In general, PQG is a match three game with a plot line. You work for the MRI, piloting a ship around the galaxies, taking on missions. You accomplish missions to gain credits to buy things and to gain intelligence points which determine your level which determines how much power and shield energy you have when you go into battle. Some missions are easy - transport this thing there - but missions get more difficult as you move through the plot. The "white" missions all appear to be take 'em or leave 'em. I've ignored a couple without consequences. The "yellow" missions are critical and must be done to move on in the story. In each area of play, there is a different match three game you must solve to continue, and they get harder depending on what you are trying to accomplish. For example, to open a leapgate between galaxies, you must match certain colors in a specific order in a certain time. The more important the galaxy you are trying to get to, the harder the match three is - more matches and/or less time. There are different match three games for each area - battles, haggling to buy or sell items, mining asteroids to gain cargo, crafting an item (anything from a weapon to a ship), and so on. For haggling, you start with a grid of 55 gems. You must match three as many gems as possible. Depending on the number of gems left, you get 0% to 75% discount for buying or upsale for selling. The highest I've gotten is 40%. The advantage is, you can keep trying over and over again until you get a discount that suits you. Note that if you want to buy a ship and need to sell your current ship to have enough credits, the game will not let you sell your only ship. I bought a cheap ship, sold my regular ship, bought the big ship, then sold the cheap ship. Seemed a roundabout way to upgrade, but I couldn't find another way to do it. Here's my one complaint about the game - I couldn't find anything to tell me what you're trying to accomplish in the match three for getting rumors. All of the other match threes are obvious - match red to gain weapon power, blue for shields in battles, etc. I finally had to look online for a clue. So, here it is - you are trying to match disks without letting the nuclear-looking disks match three. You have a certain number of rounds to get through before you can access the rumor. For most games you must have a particular crew member on board. For example, to open a leapgate, you must have ED24 as a crew member. The crew members are easily recruited as you move on through the story. If you like match three games or if you loved the first Puzzle Quest, this game is for you. There is much to accomplish, but you can also just play match three games if that's what you want to do. Have fun!
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Excellent Continuation of Puzzle Quest line.
Chris G.
12 years ago
This is specifically based on the NDS version, but other versions should be similar but probably with some graphic tweaks. First if you aren't familiar with the Puzzle Quest series (the previous one was Puzzle Quest Challenge of the Warlords) it's an RPG style Puzzle Game. At it's core your character moves around a map picking up various quests fighting enemies collecting equipment and creating items. All the action elements of these situations are handled through playing puzzles, based around a match 3+ gems style game similar to Bejeweled. However each element has it's own variation on the game, which changes it up and keeps it all fairly fresh and introduces new challenges. The biggest change between Challenge of the Warlords and Galactrix is, that in CotW the Puzzle Games were all played in a more traditional square grid where gems came in and dropped from the top. In Galactrix they have turned it into a HEX grid so gems come in from all sides depending on the direction you move gems. This really makes a huge impact on how the game plays out and does increase the difficulty because there are far more options and possibilities. It's also nice in that it makes the game feel fresh and doesn't make the previous game redundant. They are both still fun to play. The game itself puts you in the role of the main character who works for an agency that goes around the universe keeping it safe. You can pick between either male or female and that's about it. I was surprised to see they didn't give you the option of at least picking between various appearances even if it was only cosmetic. But it's a minor point. Where CotW had you pick between several classes and you would collect followers and capture creatures. Galactrix is all about your ships, the crew and how you arm them - yes them. You can have multiple ships that make up your fleet and there are many ships to choose from that all have their own strengths and weaknesses. Another big part of the game is mining. You need to collect minerals from either mining or defeating other ships then you need to travel the galaxy and sell them. I'm kind of surprised that you can't buy minerals back from traders to play a true trading game. But again it's a minor sticking point. The map in Galactrix is huge, you have a universe map that is bigger then the world map in CotW. At each system there are several planets for you to explore and check out. Its very similar to the way the map is setup in Mass Effect. For the most part the flow of the game is similar to CotW in that you go to a planet get a quest perform it, which usually leads to another planet and more quests. It's a solid system to get you hopping around the world and with enough variation to keep you playing. The depth is added in item building, collecting plans for ship and equipment building and of course configuring your small fleet to suit your style of play. Overall Galactrix is similar to most space fairing games like Freelancer for example, complete with jumpgates. If you enjoyed CotW you'll equally like Galactrix. It's a solid game addictive game play and with enough changes to CotW to make it worth playing. However if you hate puzzle games or in particular connect 3 style puzzle games then you probably shouldn't bother.
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