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Petz Dogz Pack



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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
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Product Description

Hone your detective skills by interviewing witnesses, uncovering clues, and following leads, all helping to bring you closer to the truth! Experience three unique murder mysteries as Detective Jake Hunter!

Adopt your favorite pet from some of the most well-known breeds.

  • Watch your pet grow in three stages: baby, child and adult.
  • Experiment with breeding to create unique pets that fit your personality.
  • Impact your pet's relationships with others by the way you decide to raise your pet.

Watch your pet interact with other pets.

  • Have up to three pets on the screen at the same and watch them interact and play together.
  • The way they interact with each other depends on the player.

Get rewarded as you play through the game. Unlock many items.

  • Unlock more than 75 items of clothing and accessories to dress up your pet.
  • Unlock new toys that your pets can use when playing with you or with each other.
  • Unlock new environments such as the beach or a snow field.
  • Pass the obstacle course at the park and unlock more items.

Improved, more realistic graphics.

  • Pets look more realistic than ever.
  • Watch your pets interact in realistic-looking environments.

Exchange pets with friends using the Play Date mode.

  • In Play Date mode, send your pets to your friend's Nintendo DS and vice versa using DS Wireless Communications.
  • Crossbreed your friend's pet and your pet.


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1.0 Verified Purchaser
3 years ago
I bought this game a few weeks ago and have been playing it nonstop... Because I can't figure it out. There are no instructions at all, the menu doesn't even tell you what's what until you've already pressed the icon, and the game itself is one of the most dead boring things I've ever encountered. Also the graphics give me a headache and the music and sounds are best left turned off. I've been a fan of the Petz series for a long time and I feel like this game was a throw away that should've been thrown away.
Length of ownership: 1 month
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8 years ago
This was one of my 1st I had, the 1st time I played it I loved it! Later it got really boring. I had to restart it once, and I got all the locked places! You can mix breed,( that's fun) but the rest of the game is feeding, washing, and dressing. But it is fun for a little while. (There has been better petz games)
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12 years ago
This game is so awesome! When I first got my DS I was dying to get this game for it, and since then I have loved it. My advice, if you think this game isn't so cool, is to get one. There are so many dog breeds that you could breed and mix, and so many things you can do with them. I can go to the park and play with my dogs. I can feed them, bathe them, breed them, dress them, and so much more. You can also play with your friends. I just love this game because of all the stuff to do. I have owned 16 dogs and have bred 7 puppies. Some of the puppies were purebreds and some were mixes like a Husky-Boxer Mix or a Beagle-Retriever Mix. The game gives you 10 different breeds to work with. If your parents won't let you get a real pet this is the next best thing. HOW CAN YOU NOT WANT IT?!
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Next time, I'll stick with Nintendogs...
Animal Crossing Fangirl
12 years ago
I loved Nintendogs, but it lacked a component that was really important to me in pet simulation games: Breeding. That's why I bought this game. The good sides of this game? Well, you can breed your dog with other dogs and make puppies. And you don't even have to own both of these dogs. One could be yours, and one could be your friend's, or you could breed with a computer dog in the park. And even cooler, if you mix breeds together you can create your own special breed! You can also dress up your pet, feed it, bathe it, and take it to the park. Your dog also has three stages of life: Baby, child, and adult. Unlike other Petz games, you have to make your dog love you in order for it to grow and be eligible to breed, instead of just waiting over time. And as far as realism goes, the dog acts like a typical dog, not some robotic toy. Also, you can have up to three dogs together out a time. You can also have a total of 10 dogs, more than Nintendogs. The bad sides? Well, there are a LOT of them. First, I'll say that the touch screen part of this game is extremely messed up. I can pet the dog all fine and well, but when I want to press a button in the game, I have to hold it in or tap it repeatedly. Next, don't believe anything about "taking your dogs for walks" because you can't. Yes, you CAN take your dog to places like the park, but there is no actual walking of the dog with the leash like in Nintendogs. Also, some of the dogs in the game... Don't look like dogs. The Golden Retrievers look like some weird giant rat with floppy ears. Another point for Nintendogs, as their faces actually LOOK like dogs. Yet another bad thing about this game? THE CAMERA. You can only angle it into certain places, which makes navigating through a room extremely difficult. The worst for me? YOU CAN HAVE ONLY HAVE TEN DOGS. I guess this is because unlike the computer version of Dogz, the DS have very small memory and can't hold that many dogs. So breeding dogs on the DS? Pretty much a "No, no." Yes, normally ten dogs would be enough, in a game like Nintendogs that offers no breeding capability, but in this game, you can makes so many different breeds and mixes. And you can only keep ten of them. Which means if you want to have the most fun possible in this game, you'd probably have to keep giving up your puppies. And no one wants to give up their puppies. Overall, would I recommend this game? Maybe... But I'd recommend Nintendogs first.
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