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Product Description

MYST, the number-one-selling game title of all time with more than 13 million units sold, is THE adventure to have on the DS. MYST is one of the most well known adventure licenses in the world. The classic adventure that defined the genre, Myst, brings hours of immersive play to the Nintendo DS. Myst is an engaging experience that pulls players into beautiful yet eerie worlds with unique settings in varied times and places. The non-linear game play of Myst is designed unlike any other adventure game with no instructions, inventory, death or dialogue. Myst is about the experience encountered throughout the breathtaking worlds and environments. While venturing through the six worlds of Myst, players help individuals trapped in parallel dimensions - without ever actually encountering living beings - by solving a multitude of puzzles, mazes and problems. Close observation and precise logic will help players unlock the secrets of Myst.

  • Immerse yourself in six worlds (“Ages”) that for the first time include the totally new ‘Rime Age', a new Arctic world forDS players to explore as they endeavor to uncover clues and solve the mysteries of Myst.
  • Newly re-mastered Video, audio and new music.
  • Solve a multitude of puzzles which will challenge your skills of perception and thought. And Unravel hidden mysteriesthat will reveal the dramatic events of the islands past.
  • New interface – The game uses the stylus as the key method of interaction and takes advantage of the dualscreens to enhance game play. The upper screen provides information and allows players to view magnified imageswhile the bottom screen is used to access mini-tools and navigate throughout Myst.
  • New mini-tools- Players have a new arsenal of tools at their disposal including a magnifying glass, camera, notebook and map.- Magnifying glass – With this tool, players can closely inspect clues and items as well as interact with them.- Camera – The camera allows players can take a snapshot to use for future reference.- Notebook – Players can keep notes in their diary as they travel through Myst.- Map – The map can aid in exploration by pinpointing key locations.
  • Original soundtrack – The players experience is enhanced by new music and sound effects that add to the realismof the game.


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Myst for DS is a Masterpiece
Harvey Houston
2 years ago
Very well ported to the Nintendo DS. I would say that this game is one of my favorites from the PC, and it works well as a DS cartridge. Since it is at a lower resolution than the original release, some of the graphics are a bit small, but for text and things that need closer examination, there is a zoom feature which is very handy. It incorporates pretty much everything in the game, plus a little that's also found in the Masterpiece remake.
Length of ownership: 1 month
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Good, if flawed, version of the computer classic
13 years ago
I admit it freely - the release of Myst is what prompted me to purchase a DS in the first place. Fond memories of hours spent sitting in front of my computer, scribbling notes or sketching quick images on a notepad, and clicking everywhere on the screen to test objects and switches, convinced me that this was a "must have", and after the first few moments of tinkering with Myst on the DS, I was happy with my decision. Storyline/Gameplay: You find a book, touch a page and wind up on a mysterious island. Without any instructions, save for a strange letter lying on the ground, you must figure out what to do, exploring, experimenting and using logic to learn about the island and the terrible events that took place as you go. The puzzles aren't obvious and sometimes require a bit of trial and error to get the door to open or the bridge to op up from the water, but this adds a sense of accomplishment and only draws you farther into the game. Graphics: decent and mostly clear reproductions from the original game, only smaller in scale. Sometimes grainy, but not affecting gameplay too much. The only problem I encountered occurred when the room/environment was in shadow. Any switches, buttons or levers became too indistinct, and no amount of fiddling with the DS' contrast/brightness controls would fix it. Sound: the environmental sounds (dripping water, creaking floorboards, rotating rooms) worked perfect and enhanced the feel of being in those Ages and places. The voices of characters tended to be muffled, even with the volume turned full blast, and I had to listen carefully toward the end of the game or miss an important clue in the process. Animation: pretty good. Nothing choppy or jarring. However, many of the character animations did not synch with the spoken dialogue. Controls/Interface: the stylus worked well for both moving around the different Ages and for manipulating objects, and I found myself able to move very quickly from point A to point B when necessary. (The game does have a zip mode to move even faster from one place to another, but I didn't feel it necessary to use.) As for the control panel at the bottom, I used the map button the most, calling up a good bird's-eye view of whichever Age I happened to be in. Great for orienting yourself and definitely worth using. The magnifying button worked great for reading letters or books; as for zooming in on an object (like a puzzle to solve), this was a useless tool, displaying an image only a fraction larger than the original. I never could get the camera to work properly, either, and didn't bother with it after the first few attempts. The game also provides a "notebook" which turns out to be a keyboard into which you can only type letters and numbers. And only one small page worth, at that. I won't say that it was a worthless tool because I was glad to have used it during at least one big puzzle, but it wasn't a great tool. As a special treat, a new Age (to me, at least) was added that could only be accessed once the game was finished. That little section offered great graphics and puzzle play, though I couldn't get the absolute final puzzle to work in order to see the next game, Riven. I definitely enjoyed Myst, despite some of the smaller issues I came across, and I think anyone who's a fan of this type of non-violent, strategy, first-person, puzzle-solving game will be satisfied with it.
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