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My World, My Way



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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
Alcohol Reference
Mild Fantasy Violence
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Product Description

Elise is a beautiful princess who has been given everything she's ever wanted... Except a handsome boyfriend. Only one young man catches Elise's eye, and, as it turns out, he is no prince, but an adventurer. She confesses her desire to share in his exciting life... Only to be flat out rejected. He tells her, "Cast aside that frilly dress, and don a suit of armor. Gain some experience in battle, and when you have matured, we shall meet again. Until then, I bid you farewell." Elise, the clueless princess, sets out on her adventure! It's her world, her way, and as long as she can help the weak, slay the monsters, and win enough fame, she'll get her happily ever after!
  • Your world, your way—Alter the landscape to get your way! Different terrain options will open up different opportunities for new enemies and items, and give you power over your adventure.
  • Pout your way to victory—Pouting is power, and developing your selfishness is key to getting the Pout Points that will give you options to force the world to behave.
  • Not your brother's RPG—Delight in the off-the-wall journey of a spoiled princess whose selfishness fuels her ability to successfully become an adventurer!

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Awesome Game With a Few Flaws
6 years ago
I had finished this game recently, and here is my review of it. I'll do the con's first so they are out of the way. Con 1- The music can get really boring really quick. Not much variation after about the first area you go through. Con 2- Get ready for a LOT of grinding. I mean a lot. For exp or coin, doesn't matter. I was level 94 when I beat the game because I had to be so. Not much fun in that regard. Now for the pro's. Pro 1 - I love the story in general. I don't want to spoil anything, but when the game was over, I was pleased with what happened. Pro 2 - Your companion Pinky is really interesting. You have to strategize on what parts to keep and what you want him to learn. Pro 3 - I thought the spells received were really neat, and once you figure out what kills enemies easily, it's pretty quick to do things. Pro 4 - The pouting mechanic was great. Not only could you change things in battle, you could pout and make quests complete! I thought it was a great touch. Pro 5 - The dungeons and world areas were nice. Challenging but not so hard I couldn't beat them. Overall, I would suggest this to anyone who likes RPGs and doesn't mind it taking time to beat. Something you can pick up for a few hours in a break or something.
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My World, My Way, My Review
8 years ago
========== Foreword ========== My World, My Way is a rather unique game, but its unique ideas can't overcome some of the problems that this game suffers from. The overall experience while enjoyable doesn't change the fact that the game is a little bland in terms of character depth or mechanics. This game is meant to be a satire of traditional turn-based RPGs and other common facets of RPGs. This means the games has to take these features to the next level to poke fun at them which makes the game itself feel a bit weak. The twist in this system is the pout system that doesn't feel like it was fully realized. ========== Story ========== The story of this game is rather weak in my opinion. You play as Elise a spoiled princess that always get her way and meets an adventurer at a party that she is holding, whose handsomeness supposedly surpasses level 99. After meeting this adventure and being rejected by him for being immature and incapable in his field of expertise he departs from the party. The next day you cut your hair and set out on your own adventure to prove your worthiness to be his girlfriend. Of course, your journey is guided by a guard from the castle that goes by the name of Nero. Though, eventually Nero's scripted adventures go off the tracks as a new and powerful demon representing the powers of chaos appears to be emerging from the other side. Will Elise manage to prove the power of her love? Will she manage to catch the attention and affections of an adventurer whose handsomeness surpasses level 99? Will you manage to save the kingdom or perish under the might of the ultimate representative of chaos? ========== Characters ========== Elise: A spoiled princess whose pouting abilities are almost legendary. In fact, over the course of the game I came to the conclusion that they should be. Elise is capable of shifting the terrain to make monsters or items appear in areas that would normally be impossible. Elise can make Islands appear where forests and fields used to be. She can use her abilities to paralyze enemies during battle, get the first turn during combat, strengthen enemies before an encounter, weaken enemies before an encounter, increase her experience gain from combat temporarily, and many other features. Paro: Elise's pet parrot that aids her during her journey by casting spells on her behalf. Although, Paro make use of Elise's MP pool to cast spells. Pinky: A mimic slime that eventually joins Elise's party. Pinky is a mimic slime that stats and equipment options are based on what body parts its currently mimicking. Nero: An older and more experienced adventure that currently works as a bodyguard at the castle apparently. He is assigned to watch over Elise by the king but told not to bring her back to the castle. Adventurer: A rather pompous man, who degrades Elise's abilities and worth. I'm often left wondering what he has going for him outside of his effeminate appearance. Townspeople: A rather generic lot whose sprites are copied for every town you come across. There are only two mayor type characters and all of the shops are run by characters that look identical. This is due to the humor deployed by the game, but it does make the towns feel rather cheaply copied. Once and a while a townsperson outside of the mayor will offer you a side quest, but these quests tend to be rather simple fetch quests that can be solved by an adventure in the local dungeon. ========== Gameplay ========== The most interesting aspect of the game is the pout system. As mentioned previously this systems allows you to make changes to the environment and influence combat. On the downside, the pout system doesn't feel fully realized since you can't use it to lower prices in stores or increase the amount of meals you can purchase at the inn. Another aspect of this game is the meal system. Every day you can purchase a meal at an inn. And, these meals are used to permanently increase your stats. On the upside you don't have to spend any money to use the inn so your money is reserved strictly for meals, items, and equipment purchases. On the downside this meal system allows you to power up Elise at such a rate that Pinky becomes rather useless since it can't keep up with the rate you can develop Elise later on in the game. And, by later on in the game I mean the second chapter. Combat wise the game uses a turn-based combat system. The pacing feels a bit slow since you can't skip animations nor can you skip through the animations of when you defeat a monster. Every time you defeat a monster you need to watch it fall forward and burst into a cloud of smoke. I wouldn't call the pace horrible, but it could have been better. Another thing to keep in mind about combat is that Paro will only learn new spells when you level up, but he can only learn spells that were used against you in combat. And, Pinky can only learn spells if you gain certain body parts from enemies that know the spell in question. And gaining those spells may lower Pinky's stats so it may be a trade-off for being temporarily weaker in order to have more options during combat later. ========== Graphics ========== Graphically this game is a hit and a miss. On the maps in the towns your character looks terrible while exploring the fields. The character looks poorly detailed and a bit pixilated. On the other hand the manga style cut-scenes are rather nice looking, but the game only uses a handful of character models as part of the humor aspect so there are rather few of those to work with as well. The dungeon crawling graphics are acceptable, but nothing outstanding. ========== Sound ========== The sound isn't anything terrible, but it isn't great either. The music doesn't annoy you, but it never seems to enhance the mood either. ========== Lasting Appeal ========== The game offers little in terms of replay value. There is no new game+ feature or optional bosses for that matter either. The game just lacks anything to make you want to replay the game. ========== Overall ========== Story: 7 Characters: 8 Gameplay: 9 Graphics: 7 Sound: 7 Lasting Appeal: 4 Overall: 7.00 ========== Recommendations ========== Threads of Fate: A PS1 classic that stars a bratty princess that goes by the name of Mint, a powerful spell caster that is spoiled to the core. If you enjoyed Elise or wanted to see her concept done better in my opinion then I recommend checking this game out. It was one of the best purchases I ever made for $5.99. Master of the Monster Lair: This game was developed by the same company the created My World, My Way and explorers the adventure of Owen, Kate, and Goop a green mimic slime. Out of the characters in this game Owen and Kate make several cameo appearances because they are being employed by Nero to build dungeons for Princess Elise to explore. If you were curious to learn more about their story and always wanted to build and design your own dungeon then give this game a try. Sands of Destruction: This title is completely unrelated to My World, My Way and my only reason for putting it on here is that it is deserving of more recognition in my opinion. It is also a turn-based RPG, but it does a feature a more in-depth and complex character development and customization system then My World, My Way and features a more mature story as well.
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9 years ago
this game is fun for 8-18!!!! a silly princess trying to impress a snobby prince by going on adventures!!! and the cool dude staying hidden away in the shadows!!! this game is awesome and i strongly recommend it!!
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This is a GREAT game!!!
J-town Girl
11 years ago
Well before i bought the game i had my doubts. I wasn't sure if i would like it at all, but i completly changed my mind after i started playing it. Them game is a good balance between comedy and romance and ofcourse a little monster bashing too. The garphics can be a iffy at times, but are still pretty good. The controls are great too! You can use the stylus or the control pad. The story line of the game is nicely done 2. The fact that you get to be a monster bashing princess is pretty sweet, but it's kind of hard when it comes to impressing the adventurer dude. That's pretty much the only reason your character decides to become an adventer! But I fully recommend this game to anyone who loves comedy with a slight twist of romance and a little pinch of monster bashing.
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