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Might and Magic: Clash of Heroes



  • PC
  • Nintendo DS


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ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+) i
Mild Fantasy Violence
Mild Language
Mild Suggestive Themes

Product Description

Set in the Might and Magic universe, Clash of Heroes is the first installment created for the Nintendo DS - featuring role-playing gameplay, a deep storyline, and an innovative battle system that redefines turn-based combat.

Master unique and dynamic combat mechanics:

  • Art of Tactics: Create offensive or defensive unit formations, learn advanced combos and make the best of your spells and artifacts to build up the right strategy and overcome your enemies.
  • Various challenges: Defeat the enemy heroes by crossing their armies in standard battles. Launch into special challenges and Boss fights where your strategic skills will be put to a severe test. Solve puzzle battles by finding the right combination and wipe-out the enemy in a limited number of turns.
  • Unit management: Earn & hire units with different attributes and abilities to create your ultimate army combination.
  • Heroes rising: Become more powerful after each battle by earning XP points and level-up you hero and its units.

Experience an epic adventure:

  • Vibrantly detailed settings: Explore highly detailed maps full of knights, elves, wizards, necromancers and demons and interact with a unique manga style inspired environment.
  • Prequel to M&M Heroes: Play the childhood of Heroes' 5 main heroes: Anwen, Godric, Fiona, Aidan and Nadia.
  • Traverse the fantasy world of Ashan: Recruit & level-up units, and discover hidden artefacts to build up the most powerful army. Single-card & Multi-card 2 Player PVP Mode

Multiple Heroes:

  • Choose from 10 different heroes, each one featuring unique spells and abilities
  • Compose your own army: selecting the best combination of creatures and artifacts to give you the strongest advantage on the battleground


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Might & Magic: Clash Of Heros
11 years ago
Let me start off by saying that "Puzzle Quest" was one of my favorite games. Even after 2 years, I am still playing it, while waiting for the next installment. Let's face the fact that "Puzzle Quest Galactrix" was a big disappointment. But, If you Loved Puzzle Quest's mix of RPG and puzzle solving, Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes" is a FANTASTIC game to occupy your time. You play several heroes in this game, each with his own army of creatures or soldiers to send against your enemy. The combination of choosing to defend as a WALL or sending in your army to attack, each with their own powers and amount of damage against your foe. Easy to learn, but as the game progresses you fight in Chapters. Each chapter has their own army's and attacks. It's almost like a chess game. Make the right move and he's finished. Make a wrong one and look out for damage to you. The only disappointment is that your army's can never level up to Level 5, while your Hero can level up to 10. It would have been nice to keep leveling up till you can destroy the enemy with one blow. But that would make it too easy. I am giving this one of my highest scores 10 out of 10. Fantastic story, Good graphics, Great strategy's to use and Great Storyline! Waiting for the next Puzzle Quest? This is definitely a great game to play while waiting. The only other game that falls into this category is a really under rated is "Puzzle Kingdom" You would never think it was great to play from the case the game comes in, but don't let that fool you. It's another game in that "Puzzle Quest" type games. Give both these games a try..You will not be disappointed.
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Yet another good DS title.
Canned Icecream
11 years ago
Even after all this time, the DS still gets lots of love from game developers. Even still, there are quite a few games on the system that I would call “cash cows”…games just good enough to sell a lot but not necessarily good games. Clash of Heroes is better than good, it’s great. Here is a fully realized RPG complete with everything you’d want from an RPG, and it’s on the DS. It’s probably the best RPG I’ve played on the system. The manga style works very well and makes the DS’s graphics capability look good. I like the fact that with the 5 different heroes you play, you play them all over the course of the game instead of choosing one and sticking with it the whole time. Nice touch of mixing it up there, and just another factor that makes this game great.
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Heroes latest is outstanding on DS
Zombie Monkey
11 years ago
Clash of Heroes is designed amazingly well. It’s obvious that a lot of careful planning went into creating this game specifically for the DS from the ground up. The combat mechanics are simple to use but the 6 core moves can be used in combo to create some unreal moves, and it’s all very intuitive and easy to control. I get to spend more time experimenting and having fun rather than trying to figure out how to pull off each combo due to the ease of use. No stripping down here though, you’d be amazed what you can do with a combo of any 6 moves. The graphics are impressive as well. Crisp and bright, this is definitely pleasing to the eye. As a veteran of the M&M games, it pleases me greatly that I can now have a Might game on the go. I’m glad they didn’t strip down the game or do a port of one of the existing games. This one is all for DS, built for it, and handles as well as any DS game I’ve ever played. I tried to find some kind of fault in the game, but I just think it’s awesome and have to give it a 10.
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I Smell A Classic Brewing...
11 years ago
Alright this one will be difficult to explain, this is definitely unlike any other game mechanics I've played, and I've played many... There are six rules which would be far too difficult to explain here but are actually simple. All fight moves are made up of those six moves. Independently, each move would prove boring, but all together it makes for a great fight mechanism. Strategy times six, but not so much as to make the batle confusing. A map and story chains the fights together but you can also fight another person with or without another game cart, as in a lone battle, aside from the story, I don't see a difference if there is one between one or two cart battles, but the battles can be challenging.... although the screens may lead one to believe this is another gem-type puzzler, it really isn't, at least not from my perspective. How good the story is I can not say as I'm not far enough into it to make that assessment. But if all past games are any indication, this one will quickly gain a following in the same way that Lost Magic did, but with a better story. Graphics, well done for what they are. All controls are responsive EXCEPT it may take some getting used to using the stylus for swapping mens positions as it looks like it should respond ONE way but actually works another, oh it WORKS well, but it's appearance is misleading... Of course hte use of buttons for this is spot -on perfect but a but cumbersome for changing columns while in large swift battle quickly.Look, just get it, it's not just another cheesy name branding cash-in but a really unique idea in a similar vein of Puzzle Quest;Challenge of the Warlords. without being a gem-swapper.
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