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Mega Man ZX Advent



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ESRB Rating: E10+ (Everyone 10+) i
Cartoon Violence

Product Description

Developed as a title for Mega Man's 20th anniversary, Mega Man ZX Advent is a fast-paced action game that follows two heroes, Grey and Ash, on two separate but intertwining adventures as they search for answers amidst a chaotic war between humans and robots. They discover the power of the mysterious "Biometal model A," which on its own has several attacks, but also has a special Megamerge ability which allows the character to transform into one of eight "Pseudoroid" bosses that each have a unique set of abilities. Once a boss is defeated, players can emulate their powers to find hidden routes, discover rare items and aid their battles against more powerful enemies.

The title takes full advantage of the Nintendo DS features to enhance the action-packed gameplay and story line of the popular series. With a touch of the Nintendo DS screen, players can easily switch back and forth between the Biometal and Map navigation screens. Bosses can be fought in several different ways, testing players' skills and rewarding them with nearly 24 different items depending on how they take on a boss. Further gameplay options are available as players explore and open up new areas of the map.

  • Two playable characters – play as Grey or Ash, each with unique abilities and individual, but linked storylines
  • Dynamic Biometal system allows players to transform into several forms -- eight bosses, five Biometal forms and human
  • Area expansion -- explore and open up new areas with access to additional quests
  • Strategically beat bosses to obtain valuable rare items
  • Touch screen allows players to instantly change forms and switch between subscreens
  • Co-op and head-to-head two player wireless play (two cartridges required)
  • Two-player downloadable mini-game (one cartridge required)
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    Q: Does it come with original case and booklet?

    Azrael9612 1 year ago


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    can be hard at times, but is still pretty good
    6 years ago
    the controls can be difficult to master, and the fact that there are simply so many models makes it hard to get used to, but i have been an avid megaman player for as long as i can remember, and i think this is my favorite, i love it!
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    No.6 on my top 15 Ds games of 2006-2010
    10 years ago
    This game is every thing you want from mega man and more. If you are looking for a reboot of what mega man really is you got it. I don't usually play Ds mega man games well really I don't play Ds games. This game is that once in a blue moon games from the Ds that really is a pure master piece like Pokemon, Mario games, and Zelda. This game can take on with the consoles best games and even win.Thats enough about how good the game is now lets talk about it. The game gives you 14 forms to battle with witch is a lot. The levels in this game really go along with the boss and the story. Oh yeah the story to this game is actually really good I would give the game a 9 for story. Its got some twist and every thing connects at the end. The boss fights are fun two and there is usually two battle modes that is that boss's weakness. The last fight has a great level and a boss that will make put your gaming skills to there full test. The ending is probably one of the best parts to this game. It also holds the biggest plot twist of all. This game has good graphics for the Ds and the sound and sound track is pretty sweet. The game play is really amazing and when I had to stop playing I couldn't stop thinking about continuing. I would love to see this game turn into a 3d Ds game or maybe even wii game thats how much I love this game. The storyline is great, game play is amazing, and the battle modes are the best ever. Buy this game its should be number one but my friends who are making the top 15 list think Mario kart is.
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    What's it take to be a Mega Man?
    Captain Greene
    11 years ago
    This is a satisfying sequel to Mega Man ZX. The BioMetals have been stolen from the Guardians' flying base (the "how" is not addressed), and given to predetermined Chosen Ones, known as Mega Men. There are two protagonists to choose from, Grey, a young reploid boy found in an abandoned labratory, and Ashe, a young human woman whose prowess as a bounty hunter is unrivalled. Either way, a chance encounter joins the main character with the game's BioMetal, Model A, and together they set out to stop the other Mega Men from spreading chaos. During the process, our heroes learn the truth about Model A. Along the way, our heroes will meet Vent or Aile (the previous game's protagonists) depending on which character's story they chose to follow, as well as the dynamic duo, Prometheus and Pandora. They get a little more than they bargained for, however, and wind up fighting a surprising enemy. It is then that they discover that Model A isn't quite what everyone thought it was... Overall, the game is a lot of fun. It makes more sense if you're familiar with the original ZX's story, but you won't miss much if you haven't played it (actually, it may cause less confusion to skip the first one altogether!). Graphics-wise, it doesn't deviate much from its predecessors (Mega Man ZX and the entire Mega Man Zero series), though some of the explosion animations are quite good. A nice touch is that many of the areas you've cleared can be seen in the distance from Hunter Camp (the main base for this game). The entire game includes voice-over in English, which was done very well for the most part (remarkably so in Prometheus' case). Unlike Mega Man ZX, the two characters' sprites differ slightly from one another even while megamerged, and many of the different forms' charge attacks are different, as well. There are some very challenging parts, but nothing a little practice won't solve (except maybe for a certain battle with a certain Shisaroid duo). Model A's unique copy ability takes the place of collecting the various BioMetals, and it allows the character to transform into any Pseudoroid or Mega Man defeated in battle, making battles as intense or easy as the player would like. The characters control very well, and the attacks are easy to master. The touchscreen is implemented a little better this time around. One annoying issue is the placement of Trans-Servers. MegaMan ZX allowed the player to transport to any full Trans-Server from any full Trans-Server. ZX Advent forces the player to activate return Servers in order to transfer back to locations traveled to, and this requires E-Crystals. There is generally one return Server for each area though, provided you have enough E-Crystals. The player can accept as many side quests as they like at the same time, a change that may not sound like much, but saves the player a lot of time and running around. Like any typical Mega Man game, it is relatively short, taking only a scant few hours to complete once. There are, however, three modes of difficulty, and many rewards to be unlocked by performing various feats (they're good enough that they actually make it worthwhile to play a few times), possibly the most amusing of which being Mega Man Model a (alpha), a form with extremely low firepower that resembles Mega Man from the classic NES games.
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