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Guilty Gear: Dust Strikers

Majesco Entertainment


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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i
Alcohol Reference
Suggestive Themes

Product Description

No-holds-barred, sci-fi fighting action comes to Nintendo DS. Guilty Gear Dust Strikers features all 21 Guilty Gear characters from previous versions and now the battle takes place on multiple levels across both DS screens with up to four players at once. Players will have to navigate different types of floors and traps as they battle CPU characters or other players via Wi-Fi connections.

* All 21 of your favorite Guilty Gear X2 #Reload characters like Sol-Badguy, Potemkin, May, Dizzy and others have returned.

* Six modes of play including Arcade, Survival, VS Battle and Minigames.

* Customize the Robo-Ky character with various move sets in the Robo-Ky Factory mode.

* Battle your friends in four-player wireless versus matches where the last person standing moves on.

* Master 10 minigames like Billiards, Arm-Wrestling and Sword Practice to unlock more Robo-Ky moves.

* Beware of poison, fire, thunder and bomb traps.

* Special moves like Psych Burst, Dust Attack and Roman Cancel all return in Guilty Gear Dust Strikers.

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Sounds good
Prince Philip
2 years ago
Pretty good for a handheld version of a fighting game.
Length of ownership: 1 month
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Decent enough....
8 years ago
This is the first time I have picked up a Guilty Gear game, and Dust Strikers makes me not wanna play the other series. It does have a little one on one action, but story mode only has one on three battles (you against three CPUs). Other than that the game REALLY stinks to me. If you are a hardcore GG fan then go ahead and get this game. But, if you are like me, you will probably burn (or return for $3) this game and get something else. To anyone who has played the other GG games can someone maybe reccomend a better title? Just leave a reply if you do. Thanks!
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Good Classic-Arcade, Fighting Fun On-the-Go Game
9 years ago
Just recently I've purchased this game in need of some good cheap game material and so far it is money well spent. I've played a couple of other games in the Guilty Gear Series before so I sort of knew what to expect seeing it before my purchase. It has that classic arcade game feel and I just love the rock/hardcore/adrenaline pumping music that comes with it! I must admit not everything is perfect, but I got to say that for its platform, the game isn't all that bad. It has arcade graphics that it is known for and the sound/music projects well. Essentially at the main screen you have to select from: Arcade Mode- choose from about 21 characters in classic arcade format for just some all out fun fighting. Moves feel sort of limited to just A and the control pad, but after a while you get the hang of it. Stages (which are essentially places like China, London, etc.) can get pretty confusing in how to move around, but I guess it only really matters when you end up fighting your opponent anyway. Story Mode- I haven't played too much of this, but really that's not what I play Guilty Gear much for anyway (mostly just for Arcade mode). However it's essentially the same as arcade mode except of course characters actually talk to one another and there is a story. If you played other Guilty Gear games before then you might know what I mean. VS Mode- the one thing I really dislike about this. Guilty Gear is always fun to play with friends, but unfortunetly in this one, I think your friends actually need to have a copy of the game to play with you, which of course you know your friends never really have (at least mine don't). Challenge Mode- again, I think someone else needs the game in order to fight with you, otherwise it's just arcade mode except for some reason I don't think you can exit out unless you die (which of course is quite annoying when you want to leave). RK-Factory- I don't get this at all, I only know that it's where you get to customize this character called Robo Ky. Basically you have this list of techniques that you get to assign to different controls (like A-control left, etc.) for that character Robo KY. Also more techniques can be earned through mini-games, so I don't know how long the list can get. If you like customizing techniques, then this is a plus, otherwise you don't need worry about it. Mini-Games- with 7 mini-games, I only found like 2 or 3 to be not all that fun. They're all centered around a certain character in the game (like May or I-no) but not all the characters of course. They're quite fun to pass the time with, and differ greatly from the fighting arcade/story modes. High scores are used to collect techniques for Robo Ky customization. I also want to add that the music for these games is quite different from the main hard rock theme. It's more cheery and has a Sonic/Kirby feel to it- much different but still enjoyable! Options- for some reason I have an urge to review this, but I just want to mention that here you can change the time in battles (from 90, 120, 180 to infinity seconds), souls/lives count (from 0, 1, 2, to 3 lives), difficulty level (easy, normal, hard and mania), icons being either displayed or not displayed in battle, items being either used or not used in battle, button configuration and even player information (for the player of that one system) is displayed (winning percentage, rank, etc.). Hopefully I've explained this game as best as I could so that you can see what I mean when I say it is best for fighting or arcade gamers. I can't quite say if the story goes into much depth, as fighting really is the only main premise of the game. It's fun for on the go trips, whether it's a really long car ride or just a drive to a friend's house. Classic arcade gaming in one handheld game, you don't really have to be a Guilty Gear fan just to enjoy it, and if you are then it is easier to appreciate. It has a lasting appeal for you to play over and over again, improving your skills and not really having a story for you to remember- just fun, down-right, arcade fighting. Of course, as with all games, how enjoyable it is is really based on that gamer's preferences, so if you are looking for a game with more than just fighting in an arcade format, it'd be best to look elsewhere. Also if you are a Guilty Gear fan but want to bring the fighting fun on the go, then of course you of all fans should at least consider getting it- but of course you never really know how great (or bad) a game is until you play it. ^^
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Bad Guilty Gear Engine
10 years ago
If you played the classic Guily Gear, don't bother buying this product. It's a huge dissapointment. Either though is a 4 player game.
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