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Dino Master: Dig Discover Duel

Majesco Entertainment


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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
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Product Description

Dino Master drops you into the role of Dave the Digger on his hunt for the biggest and best dinosaur fossils around the globe. Capturing these fossils won't be easy as you move quickly to surround your dig site while trying to avoid giant insects and other nasties. Once you've excavated your finds, bring them back to the Laboratory to rebuild them and then pit dino against dino in Battle Mode.

* Includes over 100 real species of dinosaurs

* Dig your way through over 35 different puzzle levels based all over the world

* Reanimate your fossils and then battle them against other dinosaurs

* Take on your friend's dinosaurs via 2-player Wireless Link

* Master over 30 fighting techniques for the Battle Mode as you uncover fossils

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3.0 Verified Purchaser
Alicia bryant
1 year ago
It's an ok game. It's not bad but didn't really catch my interest. Thought it was like fossil fighters but it's different. Wish it had some more mechanics to it though.
Length of ownership: 1 week
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Dino Master: Dig, Discor, Duel Review
7 years ago
========= Notes ========= This review will focus on the single player elements of this game since I lack anyone else to play with. Though, to be honest that may be a boon to this game since I find the combat mechanics rather dull to say the least. ========= Game Play ========= Game play wise the game is comprised of three major areas. These are fossil hunt, the laboratory, and battle. Of these three you'll spend the most time on fossil hunt and probably the least amount of time in actual battles. The reasons for this are two faceted really. In order to acquire new and powerful dinosaurs you'll need to go fossil hunting and as you uncover new dinosaurs and tack up a higher score you'll unlock more techniques as well which can be equipped to your dinosaurs in the laboratory to give them an advantage in battle. Of course, I should probably explain the basics of fossil hunt since the game offers no in game tutorial. The basics of fossil hunt is that you use the stylus to move your car around the edge of the area that has been excavated. When, you find a spot you'll like you'll get out and draw a line around an area to excavate it and uncover what is underneath the dirt/water. Of course, the game also makes this into a challenge as well since you'll be chased around by bugs and other enemies as you try to enclose an area. If an enemy comes in contact with the outline of your box it will send a charged attack down your line and take away one of your lives. It becomes rather paramount to move quickly and precisely in this mini-game in order to uncover fossils and rack up points by killing enemies. Of course, you clear a stage if you uncover 70% of the field so you can still miss out on fossils if you never locate where they are at. And, each of the seven stages is composed of five areas making for a total of 35 areas to clear. To be upfront this part of the game is probably it's best aspect while the laboratory is a rather boring chore. The laboratory allows you to reanimate your dinosaurs as well as equip them with various techniques as long as you have techniques of the same level as the slots available to the dinosaur. These techniques are important to combat, but combat itself is rather lack luster. The battle area is probably my least favorite part to be honest. Battles will be comprised of two dinosaurs going after each other and involves the selecting of a point on the enemy dinosaur to attack and a point on your dinosaur to defend. You can also use attack and guard techniques to increase your chances at victory, but most of the techniques cost HP to use making them a highly double-edged sword. Another slight disappointment is you can only keep 10 dinosaurs in your party at any time and any extras have to be discarded forcing you to constantly delete dinosaurs that you might want to keep in order to make yourself as combat capable as possible. ========= Graphics ========= Graphically speaking the game is alright. It isn't anything spectacular and does feel rather colorful despite the limited amount of areas to explore, but this may have been rather easy to achieve since all of the areas are still images with moving sprites of spiders, crabs, and snakes on top. ========= Sound ========= Sound wise the game features a rather small amount of sound effects and tracks, but the game isn't all that large and is probably meant to be played in rather small sessions considering the fact that the game automatically saves all of your progress. I'll also admit to finding the tracks rather enjoyable even if they are rather repetitive with a menu track, area track, area clearing track, and battle track. ========= Lasting Appeal ========= With over 100 dinosaurs to discover and numerous techniques to unlock this title will keep you busy for some time. This definitely a game for on the go since it's rather quick and easy to play once you understand how. ========= Scores ========= Gameplay: 8 Graphics: 7 Sound: 7 Lasting Appeal: 8 Overall: 7.67
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