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Brothers In Arms: War Stories



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ESRB Rating: T (Teen 13+) i

Product Description

The critically acclaimed WWII shooter is now available on Nintendo DSTM for the first time. Discover a completely redesigned game that fully takes advantage of the DS functionalities.

  • First Brothers In Arms for the DS System: Exclusively designed for Nintendo DS with easy-to-use, stylus-based controls such as using the Touch Screen to aim, with the camera following the stylus.
  • Impressive, Realistic 3D Graphics: Incredibly detailed environments with highly believable characters and enemies, cinematic camera angles, and great animation.
  • Drivable Vehicles: Drive a recon car or a Sherman Tank. Use a wide range of weapons such as bazookas, sniper rifles, grenades and more to destroy your enemy.
  • 16 Missions and Three Different Campaigns: Relive the intensity of WWII through three different campaigns, from Normandy to North-Africa and Ardennes.
  • Redesigned New Multiplayer Experience: Fight major multiplayer battles with three of your friends in different multiplayer modes, including Deathmatch and Team Deathmatch.
  • Contextual Movements: Gameplay adapted to the Nintendo DS hardware with auto-cover behind walls or auto-recovering life system.
  • An Unrivalled Sense of Drama: Experience a stronger emotional factor, due to the third-person view and dialogue between soldiers.
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    Well worth a few dollars...
    9 years ago
    Since this game is cheap, its quiet the catch. Spanning across three different campaigns each very diverse, the game will have you fighting from North Africa to Normandy. Throughout the game you will acquire a few distinct weapons. The very first is the well known Thompson ,although it feels as though it fires a three round burst instead of its actual full auto ability. All the weapons you gain have infinite ammunition except for the explosives and sniper rifle. The weapons all feel great even if they are not exactly like their real life counterparts. They implemented the grenade toss so well into this game you'll feel like a pro every time you chuck one into a group of enemies. Speaking of enemies, you will find that their isn't much variety, as the Germans never deviate from there infantry or tanks. Surprisingly I found that bodies stayed and didn't blink or fade away. This little touch may just convince some people to buy this game, you never know. Scripted events are played out well and will make you feel as though you are participating in battle. The sound, while not outstanding serves its purpose well, but be warned you will hear the same lines of dialog multiple times. Some of its not even voiced, just displayed on the screen with a little picture of whose talking. I may be mistaken but I'm pretty sure that the characters from the other Brothers in Arms games don't make it in this handheld shooter. This is not a tactical game like the others in the franchise so don't come looking for a portable strategic shooter. One of the outstanding aspects of this game is the ability to drive vehicles. Both the tank and jeep feel great to maneuver. The jeep is fast and nimble equipped with a machine gun, while the tank is sluggish but powerful, able to blow the roofs off houses. Handhelds haven't been known for their graphics, well maybe now they are with with the release of the 3DS and the new PS Vita, but before those we had portable N64 graphics. The graphics are certainly nothing to brag about, but with so many units, and mayhem occurring around the screen its a wonder they were able to get to the level of polish they did. Lets not go into multiplayer, its just, yeah lets just pretend it doesn't exist. If you're still curious it requires multi-card play but good luck getting three friends to buy the game and play it with you. Controlling this game is a breeze and mastery only takes the first level. The developers did a great job at putting a Brothers in Arms game on the DS. With its interesting levels and cool vehicles you won't be bored for the entire game, even if its only for a few hours.
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    Great game for DS
    Master Kit Fistos revenge
    10 years ago
    I'll start off with challenge, I gave it a five because there are three challenge modes and five is about the middle one. I gave the controls a ten because I caught onto them within the first level. I also gave the graphics a 10 because they are the second best I've seen for DS but they are still excellent for DS. I gave interface a nine because everything stays together (example:the sound and the screen stay together). I gave the responsiveness a seven because sometimes if you try to sneak up on a machine gun nest around a corner it will stop for a second and you will be dead. I gave the sound a seven because it will have random shooting or explosions when they're not anything around you to make the sounds. I gave the storyline a nine because it is not how a soldier would be positioned in Europe then randomly go to Africa then back to Europe. Overall I would totally recommend this game to a war game lover or shooter who has a DS.
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    too easy but fun
    11 years ago
    what happend to the story all the other brothers in arms have A great story but not this one its still a good game really easy I can beat it on hard in one day its fun though best shooter for DS I have ever played the controls are great their are three campaings normandy tunis and battle of the bulge the normandy campaing is the best the longest and funnest the ai is ok when you play it it semes a little bit scripted I do think you should buy this game if you like world war two games or you just like shooters the graphics are good for the ds if you played the other brothers in arms games this one does not have squad based commands at all Matt baker and Joe hartsock are not in it it doesent really feel like a brothers in arms game but all together its an good game buy this game
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    Decent game.
    Lt. Hawk
    13 years ago
    Though Brothers in Arms is a fun game to play, it does come with its disadvantages like any other games. It takes a bit (not too long) to figure out how to properly aim/run/walk your soldier. You click the "Left" button to shoot, the cross pad to move back and forth, and your stylus to aim/show the direction of which you are walking. It took me a couple levels to actually get used to this style of gaming, though it really satisfies the craving of an action/shooting game lover. I was originally going to get Call of Duty 4 for my DS, but they didn't have it available at my GameStop store. Either Way, I'm glad I made this purchase. As gamers, we must realize that war isn't this fun in real life (of course) so be careful on what you learn from games like these. They are merely simulations.
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