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Battle of Giants: Dinosaurs



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ESRB Rating: E (Everyone) i
Mild Fantasy Violence

Product Description

Choose the dinosaur you like among 25 unique species. Make him travel across different maps, eat, drink, and fight against other dinosaurs until you become the strongest. Once you're strong enough, challenge your friends! Be sure to be well-enough prepared to fight… and beware of chieftains!
  • Select your dinosaur from 25 different species including ravenous predators, witty scavengers, horned territorials, mighty tanks, and peaceful herbivores.
  • Experience an intuitive combat system, based on dexterity, that challenges your skills, not your luck, in battle.
  • Customize your dinosaur with attack and defense features that you unlock. Add spikes, feathers, and bones to your dinosaur, and change their color and stripes pattern!
  • Play through three game modes: Adventure, Quickmatch, and Multiplayer Tournament (up to 6 players!)

Number of Players:
1 Player

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Ask a Question

Q: Does this game have allosaurus in it?

Charisgr8 2 years ago
Best Answer :

Thank you for your question! Yes, this game does have an allosaurus in it. In also includes these dinosaurs: Tyrannosaurus Carcharodontosaurus Albertosaurus Suchomimus Deltadromeus Baryonyx Allosaurus Cryolophosaurus Ceratosaurus Velociraptor Troodon Ornitholestes Deinonychus Triceratops Achelousaurus Styracosaurus Chasmosaurus Pachyrhinosaurus Diplodocus Apatosaurus Titanosaurus Brachiosaurus Ankylosaurus Stegosaurus Kentrosaurus

3 years ago
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10 years ago
This game iis ok.I kept it for 6 months.I would recomend it for ages 7-10.
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Lasting Appeal
  • Graphics
11 years ago
This game is for ALL dinosaur and battle lovers!There`s only one or two problems,the game`s a little too short and you can`t play your dinosaur again after beating the game.But there are about seven game slots so you can play all you want!I would recommend this game to anyone!My friend thought she wouldn`t like it,but she absolutly loved it!The graphics and sound rock!And even a small dinosaur can be strong.You have almost ultimate control over the dinosaur.Looks,moves,where and when you eat.You can collect fossils to unlock new dinosaurs to play,and the in-animate objects you battle are super funny!You can even battle your friend if she/he has the game too!If you want a game you want to spend your cash on and like,then make the right choice and buy this game!It`s absolutly amazing!!
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
Ok product
12 years ago
This game is fun, but it isn't very long. There isn't a story line to this game which is kinda of a gamer turn off if you ask me. The graphics and sound are okay but could use some work. If anyone likes dinosaurs or the random violence of beating pimped out killing machines than this game is good but if you like a story line or a game that isn't based off extinct animals than i suggest you find another game. The game is also limited to some pretty basic dinosaurs and a very limited selection of customization of the few dinosaurs available. It also only has like four or five levels and then you've won the game. There is a multiplayer option but who is going to be playing this game in the area when you are and want to play online, really. So, overall an average game for DS standards anyway.
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  • Sound
  • Gameplay
  • Graphics
Decent eyecandy for a handheld, but a Pre-histric snoozer
12 years ago
This dinosaur battle game is one that should have stayed extinct. While certain features are good, the game is horribly executed in a way that makes you wonder if they thought you had the brains of dinosaur. I’ll start with the good. The graphics are pretty decent. As your dinosaur walks around the map, there are various items it can encounter. Things like flowing rivers you can romp through, trees that shake in the wind, dead dinosaurs, and various other landscape items make it look interesting, at first. Plus, your dinosaur itself can be customized right off the bat, with color and stripes which look like they could be possible, going with the theory that they weren’t just drab green and brown creatures. To get food for a plant eater, you tap a tree with the stylus and food falls out. Same tactic works for getting a drink, which takes me to the next decent thing this game did, the sound effects. As your dino travels, eats, and drinks, you hear foot stomping, slurping, chewing, roars, and the approach of other dinosaurs which look at least as good as your own and a variety of species. The object of each level map is to collect eggs and bones. Bones are hidden under rocks you must stomp on (tap your stylus on) and those give you access to more body related modifications, such as adding belly stripes. Eggs advance the level for each 100 eggs and your total eggs can be spent on physical attributes. Seeing feathers on the side or tail of a triceratops like creature is a little silly, but adding extra horns and armor look real enough, and each addition gives your dino something extra in combat mode, when you must attack other dinosaurs. The map also has a fog of war, which means until you have traveled an area, you don’t know what is there. If you quit during a level, even though your progress is automatically saved, all of the “fog of war” returns when you restart, forcing you to rexplore the map. Also, there are only 2 view modes, zoomed in, and zoomed out. There is no first person view. Battling other creatures is one of the “bad” items I mentioned. First, when you encounter a dinosaur, your only option is to fight. Later, you get the option to scare it off with a roar, and later still, roar to scare off dinosaurs that are not right in front of you. Once you have decided to fight, you can pick a series of moves. There are defense moves, which are your only option at the beginning (as a triceratops type), and then attack moves of different strength. Once you’ve chosen this, you must trace a pattern with your stylus. The more accurate you are the better your attack, then you sit back and watch your battle play out. There’s no interaction beyond that, and these battles get tedious and boring after the first level. Additionally, despite drawing directly on the line, it often doesn’t fill in, making the “accuracy” questionable at best, making you wonder if your touch screen is on the fritz. Plus, each level comes with a secret opponent, which is just absurd. The secret opponent is always of technological nature, something that has no business encountering a dinosaur unless it’s a cartoon or episode of Dr who. Doing battle with a phone booth, self-driving tractor, and walking schoolhouse sends the quality rating of this game into the pre-historic fossil layer, and I doubt even a kid would find it amusing. Not only are these battles completely silly, they are also designed to be like an end boss, often being the most difficult opponent on the board. Can you imagine a phone booth doing damage to a triceratops with its door? Don’t worry, neither can I. The tractor might be able to knock one over, but how many dinosaurs have you even seen defeated by land vehicles? This game is clearly set in the Prehistoric era, and all enemies should be too. To throw man made items in such an environment was a bad move, and would be more appropriate for the cartoon world, where walking buildings and evil rampaging technology are more acceptable as ene
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  • Graphics

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