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Doppelganger Card Game by NECA



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  • Platform: Card & Board Games , Collectibles
  • Publisher: NECA
  • Developer: NECA
  • Category: Collectibles

Product Details:

Doppelganger, designed by Steve Avery & Robert Burke, is an adventuring party card game that has a traitor mechanic. One or more of the players are evil doppelgangers trying to stop the party from finding three Artifacts of Light. 4 to 8 players are tasked with completing quests, but among them are those trying to sabotage the party. Players secretly throw cards into the mix and choose dice to use in the impending battles. The Loyal teammates will use bows, swords, and magic to accomplish their goals, while the doppelgangers attempt to cause a mission to fail, thus bringing harm to the heroes. In this game of deception and misdirection, who do you trust to take with you on your quest?

  • Designed for a group of 4 to 8 players
  • One play is assigned the doppelganger and wins by sabotaging the party - the rest need to find out who it is!
  • Players throw in cards secretly, adding intrigue as you try to figure out who the traitor is