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Dirty Dough Board Game by Spin Master Toys



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  • Platform: Card & Board Games , Collectibles
  • Publisher: Spin Master Toys
  • Developer: Spin Master Toys
  • Category: Collectibles

Want to get a rise' out of the audience? Then get your hands prepped for some Dirty Dough. Dirty Dough is the adult party game that lets you sculpt a ton of naughty and some nice...objects or actions. Whether it's a pleasurable aid, after hours activities, or a simple proctology exam, this guessing game is the most excitement you can have with just your hands (and a little dough). To win...there is nowhere for your dirtiest thoughts to hide. 5 different and dirty ways to compete head-to-head. For 4 or more players where you can team up or play freestyle allowing players to just sculpt and guess the object/activity.