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  • Wreak Havoc with Alien Powers – Make your way through puzzle-based levels using powerful abilities and upgrade them along the way.
  • Warp – Teleport instantly through walls, over obstacles, and into objects.
  • Frag – Warp into objects or humans and destroy them from the inside out.
  • Echo – Create a decoy of yourself to distract enemies.
  • Swap – Place your Echo over an object to instantly switch places with it.
  • Launch – Warp into objects and fire them away from you at high speeds.
  • Evade or Eliminate – Take revenge by killing every human in the facility or sneak your way through each new level for a no-kills stealth approach.
  • Unreal 3 Sci-Fi Madness – Cutting-edge visuals and a strategic top-down perspective let you visualize your attack and plan your escape from the sprawling undersea base

Product Description

Zero was living the good life as the cutest orange alien on this side of the galaxy. Then, without warning, he was abducted by a villainous General and taken to an underwater research facility. Now it's up to Zero to prove he's as deadly as he is cuddly. Plan his ultimate escape in the Warp PC download.As Zero, you'll be tapping into an arsenal of special abilities – including warp, frag, echo, swap, and launch – to make it through each puzzle-based level. Use a top-down view to plan your every move as you fight your way to sweet alien freedom. Teleport over and through obstacles. Warp into objects (or humans) to demolish them from the inside out or simply launch them at obstacles. Use your echo ability to create a decoy of yourself and divert your enemy's attention. Then, swap places with your decoy and finish off your opponent.Soak in the stunning visuals of an extensive undersea base heavily populated with scientists and guards intent on preventing your escape. Make them pay by blasting your way through their defenses or let them off lightly by sneaking silently through the levels. The choice is yours. Download Warp to your PC and help the loveable, lethal Zero break free.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Product ID106566
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Product Specifications
Is Preorder?No

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