Celebrate Star Wars Day,May the Fourth, with the UltimateStar Wars event!

For one day only, you can get some of the coolest
Star Wars swag in the galaxy for ridiculously low
PowerUp Rewards points!

We're pretty much giving these amazing Star Wars items away on a first-come, first-served basis, during random times on May the Fourth. Let the Force flow through you and choose your moments well, because you'd have to have reflexes fast enough to "bulls-eye womp rats while flying a T-16 skyhopper" to get your hands on these items as soon as they come up for grabs.

    These extremely low points items include:
  • Boba Fett 12" Figures
  • Darth Vader Flash Drives
  • Giant Chewy Plushes
  • Chewbacca Messenger Bags
  • Han Solo in Carbonite Banks
  • Wampa Skin Rugs

Plus, we'll be unveiling enough new Star Wars items
to choke a Sarlacc.

Check the rewards catalog all day on May the Fourth for your one shot to save the Rebellion. And put them on your shelf.

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