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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Electronic Arts
rated 5.0 out of 5
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Mirror's Edge Catalyst

Product Description

Through fluid, first-person movement and combat, experience the most immersive action adventure gameof this generation.

Follow Faith, a daring free runner, as she fights for freedom in the city of Glass. What appears to be an elegant, high-tech city on the outside, has a terrible secret hidden within. Explore every corner from the highest beautifully lit rooftops to the dark and gritty tunnels below. The city is huge, free to roam and Faith is at the center of it all. Through the first-person perspective, combine her fluid movement and advanced combat with the city's surroundings to master the environment and uncover the conspiracy. This is Mirror'sEdge for this generation, raising the bar in action-adventure games.

  • First-Person Action — Get up close with your enemies. Use your freedom of movement and martial arts combat in conjunction with the environment to experience fluid first-person action unlike any other.
  • Explore the City of Glass — Roam the beautiful, high-tech city at your own pace, and unlock its many different districts. Run free and explore every corner from the highest, glass made skyscrapers to the hidden underground tunnels.
  • Witness the Rise of Faith – Brought up on her own on the margin of the totalitarian society, Faith foundrefuge amongst an outsider group called the Runners. Learn about her origin story, and take part in herjourney as she stands up against oppression and becomes the catalyst that can change the City of Glassforever.

Product Specifications

Product Specifications
Product ID141921
Is Preorder?No
Only at GameStopNo
Brand NameElectronic Arts
Developer NameDICE
FranchiseMirror's Edge

System Requirements

Product Specifications
Download Client RequiredOrigin


Product Specifications
Is Preorder?No


Product Specifications
Only at GameStopNo


Product Specifications
Brand NameElectronic Arts
Developer NameDICE
FranchiseMirror's Edge

Ratings & Reviews

rated 5.0 out of 5
1 product rating
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Top Customer Reviews

More Please!!
rated 5.0 out of 5
3 years ago

I’ve played this game start to finish at least a half dozen times now and still adore it. I really expected at least a few DLC opportunities, since Glass City seems to have been set up with that in mind, if not already in the works. The only thing better than that would be a new, even greater edition!!! I’d be ordering my copy as soon as that was possible. I haven’t been able to find any other games like this one, sadly. I still hope that having the support from the initial game to back up the release of Catalyst, that it’s still a possibility, but chances are dwindling over time. Of course the release of DLC on Catalyst would help renew that support, reminding players how much they enjoyed the game, and possibly even giving a small taste of what the newest edition would have in store. No one has been able to suggest any other games that I have been able to enjoy quite like this game. Please, please, PLEASE expand Catalyst (the more the merrier) and/or release a new edition!!! I know I am not even close to being one of a very small group of supporters because I know several people personally—both local to me and scattered around the country—all having just as much enjoyment of this game. Please give us more!

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Questions & Answers

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Top Questions
Is mirrors edge catalyst for pc a game for only download or is it also a game on disc for pc
Eziowolf4 years ago
This copy is digital
Vendy Youtube4 years ago
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