Black Forest - PC Steam

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$14.99 $14.24 for Pros
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  • City Building With a Twist: Defend what's yours and survive, balancing the limited resources at your disposal. Make tough choices: Houses can be rebuilt, but people lost cannot be replaced. But maybe you need to sacrifice one of them to save the many?
  • Survive the Struggle, Not Tech Trees: Outlast, not conquer. You can't fight the forest and you can't win by force of arms. Your goal is to lose the least by outsmarting and outthinking the forces arrayed against you, and making hard decisions: What can you lose? What must survive? What part of the tech tree can you do without?
  • Sophisticated AI: Every monster uses a complex set of rules to react to the environment, observing and adapting their behavior. You choose what the villagers work on, while monsters will try to figure out weaknesses and opportunities, then mercilessly pounce on them when you're not looking.
  • Robust Simulation Features: Weather can dramatically alter the course of your game. Rain, snow, or drought aren't just cosmetic effects. Villagers need food, but a dry spell will mean they need to irrigate - but that takes workers away from building defenses. What you decide may very well change the course of the game.
  • A Greater World Beyond: Black Forest is set in the expansive world of Dragon Eye, a high fantasy roleplaying setting available for everyone. The game's campaign will tie into the complex lore and overarching storyline, including decisions and struggles of a world on the edge.

Product Description

Welcome to the dark heart of the Black Forest. Your village was supposed to harvest its bounty, but managed to draw the attention of the unrelenting darkness inhabiting the woods. As the dangers descend upon it, it's your job as the village chief to help the peasants fend off the creatures and make it through the dark night, as the sinister secrets of the woods best left alone awake and focus their attention on you.

Black Forest is a city builder like no other. Where other games focus on expansion and development, Black Forest is all about defending what's yours. Strategically assign villagers, gather resources, reinforce defenses, and above all, maintain the delicate balance until the king's knights arrive. Every decision matters, every loss is permanent, and come nightfall, the relentless horde of forest-dwellers will test your ability to govern and survive. Remember: Until the king's knights arrive, you and your villagers are completely on your own.


System Requirements

Download Client Required Steam
Operating System Windows 7
Processor X64 architecture with SSE2 instruction set support
Video Card DX10, DX11, and DX12-capable GPUs
Hard Drive Space 3 GB available space
DirectX Version 10


Brand Name Freedom Games
GameStop Exclusive false


Number of Players 1
Perspective Top-Down
Genre Casual


Publisher Name Freedom Games
Developer Name Lemuria

Important Info

© Lemuria and Freedom Games - All Rights Reserved.

Black Forest - PC Steam
$14.99 $14.24 for Pros