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Runner3 by Nicalis, Inc.

Boxshot: Runner3 by Nicalis, Inc.

Launch Edition!




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  • Cartoon Violence
  • Crude Humor
  • Mild Language
  • Use of Tobacco
  • Platform: Nintendo Switch
  • Publisher: Nicalis, Inc.
  • Developer: Nicalis, Inc.
  • Category: Action , Adventure


Pre-order Runner3 and receive the Launch Edition!

Got a Nintendo Switch that's hungry for some rhythm/platform action? Feed that cartridge slot a copy of Runner3. The retail edition will include free bonus goodies for a limited time, like a full-color instruction manual, a mini-CD soundtrack sampler, and a special collectible that's sure to delight!

*While Supplies Last.

Online Customers: Code will be packed with your game.
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Product Details:

Runner3 completes the rhythm-based platforming trilogy begun by BIT.TRIP.RUNNER and Runner2!

The stoic and unflappable CommanderVideo leaves a multicolored trail in his wake, punctuating the beat of the game's infectious soundtrack with every step! The Timbletot is determined as ever to rid the multiverse of all its love and happiness.

CommanderVideo - a lover if ever there were one - refuses to let this happen. He's ready to jump, double-jump, wall-jump, slide-jump, underwear-jump, slide, kick, float, fly and dance his way to victory, all across a medley of thrilling, challenging and joyous levels!

  • New branching paths that lead to different areas
  • Item shops where you can purchase goodies
  • Vehicles that CommanderVideo can take for a ride
  • New playable characters, new moves, and new gameplay modes
  • An assortment of Hero Quests and Retro Challenges
  • Features the voice acting talents of Charles Martinet, the legendary voice of Mario and dozens of other popular Nintendo characters