Banjo-Tooie - Nintendo 64

$29.99 $28.49 for Pros
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$29.99 $28.49 for Pros
  • Nintendo 64
Currently Unavailable
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  • Set two years after Banjo Kazooie.
  • The bear and bird’s second outing available in full.
  • Loads of rollicking fun to be had here and with the legendary Stop N Swap feature reinstated.

Product Description

Two years after Banjo Kazooie, Banjo and the gang are playing cards when an earthquake happens. Eagerly Mumbo goes out to investigate. He sees two hideous witches reviving Grunty. Mumbo goes back to investigate. Grunty shoots a laser beam at Banjo's house. Mumbo warns everyone but Bottles doesn't belive him. Grunty blows up Banjo's house with Bottles inside and sets off to get her body back. Motivated by revenge Banjo sets out to stop Grunty and revive Bottles.

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Brand Name Nintendo
GameStop Exclusive false


Number of Players 1
Genre Action


Franchise Banjo-Kazooie
Publisher Name Nintendo
Developer Name Rare

Banjo-Tooie - Nintendo 64
$29.99 $28.49 for Pros