Military Discount
10% OFF
Active members of the military and Law Enforcement are eligible to receive a discount on in-store purchases of Toys, Collectibles, and Pre-Owned. Active military are offered a 10% discount on most merchandise. The following categories are not eligible for the military discount:
  • New video game
  • New accessories
  • New video game systems
  • New tablets
  • PC Hardware (including, but not limited to, monitors & components)
  • Televisions
  • Gift Cards
  • POSA cards/time cards & points cards
  • Downloadable content (DLC)
  • Candy & Drinks
  • Books & Magazines

Available only in-store, the military discount program does not include new video game hardware platforms, digital currency of any type, books & magazines, drinks & candy, point-of-sale-activation cards, or any other type of gift cards. Additionally, the discount does not apply to sales, clearance or any other GameStop promotional items.

Available only in-store, with proper identification including a military ID, Form DD214, or by authenticating their military status through other online verification platforms such as