Pick Up At Store

is a program allowing you to find games, systems and
accessories online and pick them up at your local Gamestop.

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Pick Your Item

Click your item's "Check Availability" button on the product page.


Pick Your Store

Choose a store near you that has the item in stock. Then click
"Pick Up At Store."


Pick Up Your Goods

With confirmation email in hand, let your friendly GameStop associate know you have an item being held for you.

Why use this service?

Cash isn't the only way to pay - Get credit for your games and more to save on your in-store purchase.

Save time and money - Skip the wait & play your game today, while avoiding shipping fees.


Is there a fee to use Pick Up At Store?

No! It is absolutely FREE to use. The only payment you'll make is for the item when you pick it up at your favorite GameStop store.

How do I know that an item is eligible for Pick Up at Store?

Items marked with Pick up at store Pick Up At Store are eligible for pick up. You can check availability from the product availability page.

How do I know when my item is available?

Wait to receive your "Ready For PickUp" e-mail with your pick up instructions before you go to the store.

We will hold your requested item until the end of the current business day, depending if your order was placed during store hours. The e-mail is usually sent within 2 hours if your order is placed during store hours.

*Orders placed after store closing will receive an e-mail the following business day.

Will I pay the online price or the store price?

You will be paying at the store, so you'll pay the store price on the day you pick up. Most of the time our online prices and store prices are similar. Although we strive to keep our online and in-store pricing consistent, we occasionally come across special online deals that cannot be duplicated in stores or special in-store deals that cannot be duplicated online for various reasons. Rather than pass over these opportunities, we choose to allow our customers to take advantage of them.

What are the store hours?

Store hours vary. Store hours are displayed online where you select your store.

What do I bring with me to the store?

1) Print and bring your "Ready For PickUp" e-mail.
2) If you are under 17 yrs old and buying an M-Rated game, bring a parental unit!
3) Bring enough money to pay for your cool game.
4) Bring your old games to trade in — so you can spend less!

How do I cancel or return my purchase?

To cancel an order placed for pick up, contact the store that is holding the item. The store's phone number is located on your "Ready For PickUp" email.

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