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Fightin' Frogs



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Product Details:

The year is 20XX, and the evil warlord Meg'usta has shrouded the world in darkness and despair. With humanity facing certain extinction, there's only one species left with the power to save the day - the Fightin' Frogs! Jump into battle as your favorite Fightin' Frog and do your part to leave a big webbed footprint on evil's butt!

  • UNRELENTING BEAT-EM-UP ACTION: Kick, punch, and tongue-slap your way through the Rainforest of Durrr, Mecha Tacgnol Zone, Llamageddon, and 10 other levels full of fightin' - and with the amazing Terrain Annihilation Engine, no two playthroughs are ever the same
  • FIVE UNIQUE CHARACTERS: Play as Funk, Bort, Cankle, Lamp, or Fried Egg - each one has their own unique style of play!
  • KILLER WEAPONS: Meg'usta's forces aren't playing around - good thing you've got an awesome arsenal of one-of-a-kind weapons! Attack the bad guys' weak points for massive damage with 20+ crazy gizmos including the Stool Softener Bat, the Accordion Cannon, or even the legendary Unnecessary Surgery Ray!
  • AN ARMY OF SAVAGE ENEMIES: Beat down waves of Zombie Corgis, Emus of Death, Doomfawns, Slow But Deadly Lorises, Murdersloths, and over 90 other types of ferocious foes!
  • SCREEN-FILLINGLY HUGE BOSSES: The Fightin' Frogs are some big dudes - but super baddies like Giganticarp, Bovinius Maximus, and Scottish F.O.L.D. make em look like tadpoles!
  • CLASSIC CO-OP GAMEPLAY: It's dangerous to go alone - take a friend! Blast through Fightin' Frogs with up to 3 buddies in both local and online co-op.
  • ONE-OF-A KIND MOTION CONTROLS: Baddies on your back? Shake em off with a quick flick of the remote - but be careful of your surroundings!