Pricing and Availability


All prices shown are in U.S. Dollars. Store pricing may vary. Pricing for some pre-orders may be estimated. If the price of a pre-order decreases between the time you place your order and the time it ships, you will be charged the lower price. If the price increases, you will be given the option to keep your order at the higher price or cancel it.

See the Rates and Delivery Times page for shipping methods and delivery times.

Availability Status Messages


This product has not yet been released. Pre-ordering a product is the best way to ensure that you'll receive it promptly when released. The date listed is usually the date we pick up product from the vendor and ship to you.

Usually ships in 24 hrs (Available now)

This product is available for immediate shipping. Your order will typically be processed within 24 hours, frequently sooner. After your order is processed, the time of delivery is determined by the shipping method you selected.


This product is not in stock, but we have placed an order with the vendor. We cannot predict the delivery time. Your order and payment will be processed when we receive more product. After an order is processed, the time of delivery is determined by the shipping method.

Currently unavailable online

This product is not available for sale online, but it might be available in your local store and may be available for order online at a future date.

About Pre-Order Release Dates works tirelessly with game publishers to ensure accurate release dates on our site. Occasionally, publishers run into problems during the production of a game, and the release date must be changed. Sometimes dates move forward; more often they move back, and frequently they get changed more than once.

If a game is scheduled for release far in the future, the vendor may not even give us a date. In those cases, we rely on the collective wisdom of our buying staff to estimate a date based on their knowledge of the industry and the vendor's history.

We guarantee that we will always post the best release date information available at the time of our posting. We know that you want that hot new game yesterday, and we want to be the company that gets it to you quicker than anyone else.

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