How to install

If you purchased a digital copy of Deformers, you can redeem the digital code through the digital store on that system (Xbox One, PS4, or Steam). Redemption instructions can be located here.

Founders Pack Pre-Order Bonus

How do I receive the Founders Pack?

Login to Deformers from 4/21/17 thru 4/28/17 to receive the Founders Pack. The pack will automatically added to the game.

Where is my pre-order bonus?

If you pre-ordered Deformers before 4/21/17 but did not play it for the first time until 4/28/17 or later and did not receive the Founders Pack, please fill out this form

Reporting Players

How can I report a player for cheating, hacking, or inappropriate behavior?

If you encounter a player who is being abusive, has an inappropriate profile or username, cheating, soliciting, unsportsmanlike, quitting the game early, or phishing please contact the support team of the platform the player is using.

Xbox One

PlayStation 4


Strand Packs

If you are have any Strand Pack questions or concerns, please fill out this form

Technical Issues

If you are having technical issues with Deformers such as installation issues, network problems, problems with running the game after installation, or performance issues, please fill out this form