In-Store Availability

From most of our product pages, you may be able to check availability of a particular product through our PickUp@Store program. This will allow you to see which stores near you have the desired product in stock and also to request that a particular store hold the product for you until you arrive.

IMPORTANT! You should call ahead to confirm availability of an item before going to the store. receives periodic updates regarding store availability, but a store's actual inventory can change from minute to minute. Calling the store will allow you to confirm that the item is still available and in satisfactory condition. In many cases a GameStop associate will be able to set the item aside until you arrive to purchase it, or you can request that the game be held using our PickUp@Store feature.

Some prices in the store may be more or less than the online price due to clearance sales and other special offers. Most often, the price for any given product will be the same in the store and on the web site.

Regarding new releases, there may be a delay between the online ship date and the date stores receive inventory. This is because online inventory benefits from being located at or near our distribution centers. Stores receive inventory from these distribution centers, but there is additional transit time involved in moving the inventory from the distribution center to the stores.

How far will the store locator search?

The store locator and product availabilty search feature returns the GameStop stores closest to the address you enter. Only stores with the product available and stores up to 100 miles away will be shown.

Where can I find a store's phone number and driving directions?

Each search result will include the store's address, phone number, and hours of operation.

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