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Arkade Motion Blaster Controller - PC

$24.48 Was $129.99
Currently Unavailable
$24.48 Was $129.99
Currently Unavailable
SAVE $25 on orders $250+ in store or buy online & pick up in-store!
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  • PC 180° Gaming Requirements
    • A Windows or Mac computer with Bluetooth capability
    • No Smartphone required
    • Any PC First Person Shooter game
  • PC 360° Gaming Requirements
    • A Windows PC
    • An iPhone or Android smartphone
    • The Arkade Desktop App downloaded onto your Windows PC
    • Wi-Fi Router, using 5G mode
    • Any PC First Person Shooter game
  • Cloud Gaming (GeForce Now) Requirements
    • iPhone or Android smartphone
    • GeForce Now account
    • Any PC First Person Shooter game
  • Mobile 360° Gaming Requirements
    • Android smartphone
    • Any of the free compatible games listed in the Arkade App

Product Description

The Arkade Blaster and companion apps lets gamers experience an unprecedented level of immersive gameplay with 100s of top PC games, such as Call of Duty, Doom Eternal, Valorant, Apex Legends, Halo, Rainbow Six, Counter Strike, PUBG & Fortnite. The Blaster works with Steam games through Steam Link and also works with Nvidia's cloud gaming service, GeForce Now, allowing you to stream high-quality PC games directly over the internet. The Arkade Motion Blaster also offers native support for more than 20 of the top first-person shooter games on an Android phone.

The Blaster is controlled by a motion sensing system, where every precise move you make with the Blaster in the real world is visually represented as your character and weapon inside your favorite game, giving you an immersive experience like you’ve never felt before.

The Blaster also includes the companion Arkade App, for iOS and Android, which seamlessly sets up the Blaster and optimizes it for each game you select to play. You can also reconfigure the button mapping, if you choose, or keep the default settings suggested by the pros.

The Arkade App and companion PC Link App enable you to play in 360° mode, which allows you to stand, spin around and really get into the action, or choose the 180° mode for those hardcore serial gamers who want to blast their way to victory over many hours while seated comfortably in front of a large monitor. The choice is yours.

The Blaster includes the Arkade PC Link App, which installs on your Windows PC, allowing you to stream your gameplay from your PC to mobile phone (iOS or Android) for 360° PC gaming mode.

Blaster Online eSport Competitions are scheduled monthly.



Brand Name Arkade
GameStop Exclusive false


Image File Format(s) PNG


Interactive Elements No Interactive Elements


Bulb included Yes


Connection Type Wireless


Publisher Name Arkade

Arkade Motion Blaster Controller - PC
$24.48 Was $129.99