Venom Controller Twin Docking Station Xbox Series X

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  • Twin dock charging station complete with two rechargeable battery packs.
  • Powerful 850Mah rechargeable battery packs offer fast efficient charging.
  • Drop and go design removes the need to connect fiddly wires.
  • Designed to aesthetically complement the Xbox Series X and Xbox One console.
  • Front LED charge indicator glows red when charging before turning green when power is fully restored.
  • Includes detachable 2 meter USB cable to allow flexible placement.
  • Additional rear USB port to allow charging of other devices.
  • Continues to charge when console is placed in standby mode.
  • Includes Xbox Series X charging station, 2 rechargeable battery packs, and detachable USB cable

Product Description

Dock, store and charge your Xbox Series X or Xbox One controllers and ensure your gamepad is ready to play as soon as you are. Includes 2 x 850Mah rechargeable battery packs that simply Clip into your controller, removing the need to be constantly spending money on expensive disposable batteries.

Once in place, simply drop your controllers onto the stylish charging Dock and the innovative rear contacts will connect with the charging points automatically to replenish the power in your controller.

The dock can hold and charge up to 2 controllers at a time meaning you will never again be left stranded with no power mid-game! The dock will also keep your controllers charging when in standby mode.

Aesthetically designed to match your Xbox Series X and Xbox One console, the dock features a front led display that illuminates Red when charging and turning Green when your controller is fully charged.

The dock also comes complete with a detachable 2M type C USB cable to give you added flexibility of where you want to place your charger. Simply connect the USB cable to the dock and any USB power output, such as your console or a standard USB mains plug, and your dock is ready to charge. Also, we all know how precious USB ports can be, in addition to being able to dock and charge your controller, we have added an extra USB output port on the rear of the dock which will allow you to connect and other USB charged device.



Brand Name Venom UK
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Compatible Platforms Xbox One, Xbox Series X


Publisher Name Venom UK

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Product Warning and State Regulation California Proposition 65 Warning

Venom Controller Twin Docking Station Xbox Series X