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Pro Training Series #9


Houston Outlaws Videos

Episode 1: Basics of Lucio with Boink

To speed boost, or to heal? That is the question! Houston Outlaw support main, Boink, covers abilities, ideal team compositions, and the best and worst matchups with Lucio. Give it a good boop!

Episode 2: Advanced Tutorial of Lucio with Boink

Communication is key! To play at the advanced level, you must upgrade your leadership and communication skills. Boink explains how these skills in combination with understanding your character, timing, momentum, and certain key bindings can “boost” your performance to the next level.

Episode 3: Basics of Sombra with Danteh

High mobility, flanking, disrupting, enabling - Sombra is a very versatile DPS character that can greatly benefit your team’s advantage. Understand her kit, and you’ll be hacking in no time! Learn from the OP Sombra himself, as Danteh teaches you the basics of how to play Sombra.

Episode 4: Advanced Tutorial of Sombra with Danteh

Back with more hacks! Danteh teaches us some advanced techniques of Sombra’s mobility and utility, with more tips and tricks about using this character. Find out what differentiates a good vs. a great Sombra in this episode!

Episode 5: Basics of Widowmaker with LiNkzr

Widowmaker here! LiNkzr, the Widowmaker legend, walks us through the abilities, matchups, weaknesses, and basics of this sniper. Learn from the “DiNkzer” himself in this episode!

Episode 6: Advanced Tutorial of Widowmaker with LiNkzr

Wondering how to become a godly Widowmaker main? Watch on for important tips to understand the character, crosshair placement, sensitivity, muscle memory, and mindset needed to play Widow like a pro. Check this out and increase your K/D in no time!

Episode 7: Basics of Ana with Rawkus

Heal and damage with 1 click? Rawkus, the Houston Outlaws main support player, teaches you the basics: abilities, techniques, matchups, and more for support character Ana. Learn more about the sniper-healer Ana in this episode!

Episode 8: Advanced Tutorial of Ana with Rawkus

Rawkus is back with more! Learn how Rawkus practices in training ranges, the importance of a “set grenade”, sensitivities, combos and tips to be playing like a pro support player.

Episode 9: Basics of Doomfist with Blasè

Here comes the DOOM! Blasè, the Houston Outlaws main DPS player, explains the ins and outs of how to play Doomfist. Learn the basic abilities, compositions, and matchups to have you disrupting the enemy team in no time!

Episode 10: Advanced Tutorial of Doomfist with Blasè

Blasè takes us through his “parkour” strategies, understanding map geometry, learning patience, picking fights, and highlights the importance of communication. Learn to punch, leap and smash like a pro in this episode!

Dallas Fuel Videos

Episode 1: Wrecking Ball featuring Gamsu

Dallas Fuel's Gamsu shows you how to initiate fights like a pro using Wrecking Ball.

Episode 2: DVA featuring NotE

NotE teaches you how to bomb like a boss with D.Va

Episode 3: DVA featuring NotE

Eating and denying ultimates is an art. NotE shows you how to counter abilities and what it takes to turn the tide.

Episode 4: Orissa featuring Gamsu

Controlling the space and holding the frontline is key for team fights. Gamsu will show you combos and how to use Orissa's Halt ability to level up your game.

Episode 5: Reinhardt featuring Trill

Fighting another Reinhardt can be difficult. Especially when you're running Reinhardt yourself! Trill shows you what it takes to win the shield war.

Episode 6: Winston featuring Trill

Trill shows you what it takes to take your Winston play to the next level.

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