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Pro Training Series #6



Complexity Gaming


1 - Team Selection

A good Madden game starts from selecting a good team! In the Team Selection portion, Drini discusses how to read the team stats and how each stat affects gameplay, and how to select a good team based on the stat.

2 - Special Teams

In Special Teams, Drini demonstrates how to run it out of the endzone, let the ball hit the endzone/past the endzone, as well as different running techniques and how to split the defenders as the offense. As defense, Drini shows how to kick, kick it past the end zone OR short of the endzone, and punt it out of bounds.

3 - Offense / Defense

Basics are important! Drini explains the basic controls one needs to know when playing offense or defense during passing plays, rushing plays, and punting.

4 - Understanding the Playbook

Playbooks are crucial in any Madden game. This topic in the intermediate section shows how to read play formations, passing plays, rushing plays, and offensive punt formations, as well as defensive formations and defensive punt formations.

5 - Clock Management

Here, Drini shows you everything you need to know on clock management. As offense, you will learn what starts and stops the clock, how to use timeouts, 2-minute warnings, on-side kicks, and controlling the flow. As defense, you will learn to understand the offense’s clock situation to predict/force plays.

6 - The Safety and 2-Point Conversion

In this chapter, Drini talks about how to avoid or cause a safety, and when to go for/how to score a 2-point conversion if you are on the offense, or how to predict/defend the 2-point conversion if you are on the defense.

7 - Picking / Counter-Picking Plays

It’s all about knowing your enemy in this chapter. Drini teaches how to pick and counter pick the opponent’s plays by understanding the cadence and how to counter each play, and finding the weakness of the opponent.

8 - User Controls

In the advanced section of the User Control chapter, Drini take the controls one step further to secure your win. He shows how to do advanced ball carrier, passing, and catching controls as the offense, and advanced pursuit, ball-in-air, and engaged controls as the defense.

9 - Calling an Audible

In the final chapter of the advanced section of the Madden Clinic, Drini explains what an audible is, as well as when/how to call an offensive/defensive audible.

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