Westinghouse NCCO 1702 Medical Grade Air Purifier 500 Sqft Coverage

$499.99 $474.99 Pro Price Pros Save $25.00
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$499.99 $474.99 Pro Price Pros Save $25.00
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Product Description

Westinghouse has made it safer for us to breathe in the air through its innovative NCCO air purification technology that cleans the air with active oxygen. The NCCO 1702 is a full size medical-grade true HEPA air purifier that can effectively clear the air of up to 99.99% of harmful particulates, bacteria, viruses, and odors. It decomposes toxic air and turns it into harmless carbon dioxide and water molecules.

  • KILLS AND ELIMINATES: While other purifiers only ”trap ” and ”store ” harmful pollutants, the Westinghouse Air Purifier kills and eliminates viruses, germs, allergens, and eliminates VOC's, smoke, and odors with Active Oxygen.
  • MEDICAL-GRADE PATENTED NCCO TECHNOLOGY: The patented NCCO Reactor breaks down all gaseous pollutants (VOCs, odors, smoke) and contaminants with Active Oxygen and converts them to harmless compounds, carbon-di-oxide, and water molecules; trapped pollutants (viruses, bacteria, allergens) in the HEPA filter will be rendered inert.
  • BILATERAL AIRFLOW: The air purifier provides 2x the filtration power with bilateral airflow; filtered air is pushed out to the right and the left & circulates the room.
  • 4-STAGE PURIFICATION SYSTEM: The 1702 air purifier uses the 4-stage technology to clean the air; as air moves through a Pre-filter, Oxygen Generator, True HEPA filter, and the patented NCCO Reactor, clean and sanitized air is released.
  • SUITABLE FOR LARGE ROOMS: The Westinghouse air purifier is ideal for a large size room, approximately 500 sq. ft, like your bedroom, kitchen, office, living room, garage, workshop.



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Care Instructions

Product Warning and State Regulation Keep Out of Children's Reach

Westinghouse NCCO 1702 Medical Grade Air Purifier 500 Sqft Coverage
$499.99 $474.99 Pro Price Pros Save $25.00