Elevated Perceptions GameScent Console (Automated Gaming Scent Atomizer)

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  • Instant Audio-to-Scent Translation: With our advanced AI, audio from your game is captured and analyzed in real-time, determining the most fitting scent for each scene.
  • Diverse Scent Palette: Dive into a wide range of experiences with our curated scents:
  • Gun Fire: Experience the intensity of a firefight.
  • Explosion: Feel the magnitude of a blast.
  • Racing: Sense the speed and thrill of the track.
  • Clear Air: Embrace the serenity of a calm day.
  • Storm: Immerse yourself in the midst of a tempest.
  • Forest: Connect with the soothing aura of nature.
  • Easy-to-Refill Cartridges: Keep your sensory adventure going with our easy-to-use cartridges.
  • Broad Compatibility: Whether you're on a console, PC, TV, or VR headset, GameScent is your perfect gaming companion.

Product Description

GameScent – Elevate Your Gaming Experience. Dive into a world where your senses are fully immersed. GameScent isn't just an accessory; it's a transformative addition to your gaming universe. Compatible across all your devices – consoles, PCs, TVs, and even VR – experience gaming like never before. Real-time audio cues are processed by GameScent's groundbreaking AI to release scents that correspond with the on-screen action. Inhale the smoky aroma of battle, the exhilarating scent of speed, or the calming fragrance of a forest, all from the comfort of your gaming chair.

How It Works:

  • State-of-the-art Adaptor: As you dive into your game, our patent-pending adaptor captures audio in real-time.
  • AI Analysis: Audio is swiftly processed in the cloud. GameScent’s AI sifts through the sound, pinpointing key cues and events.
  • Scent Release: In mere seconds, the chosen scent is released through the atomizer, syncing perfectly with on-screen events.

What’s Inside the Box:

  • Precision-engineered Atomizer
  • Fillable Cartridges for diverse scent experiences
  • Patent-pending Adaptor

GameScent – where gaming meets sensory immersion. Elevate your gaming sessions and experience moments in vivid detail.



Brand Name Elevated Perceptions
Model Number GS-SYS-202301
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Elevated Perceptions GameScent Console (Automated Gaming Scent Atomizer)