Yo-Kai Watch Toys & Collectibles

Why GameStop is excited for Yo-Kai Watch Collectibles

Yo-Kai Watch Collectibles

While wandering in the woods near Springdale, Nate found a small capsule of the Yo-Kai Whisper and the magical Yo-Kai Watch. This ghost-hunting tale is actually a video game series, an anime, AND a manga, and we have all the collectibles from all versions of Yo-Kai Watch at GameStop.

  • Yo-Kai Watch: Your kids can now own the same watch as Nate from the show. This watch offers special features, as kids can insert Yo-Kai medals into the watch to hear sounds, play phrases and even summon a projection of a Yo-Kai.
  • Yo-Kai Medals and Clips: As Nate comes across the different Yo-Kai he gets to know their stories. Find collectible Yo-Kai Plushie clips and Yo-Kai Medal Moments of characters such as Pandanoko, Blazion, Walkappa and Wiglin.

This Japanese-created show has a rapidly growing fan base, so be sure to stock up on Yo-Kai Watch collectibles to give your kids the perfect gifts.