The Walking Dead Action Figures & Merchandise

Why GameStop is excited for Walking Dead Collectibles

Walking Dead Collectibles

The Walking Dead follows a group of survivors as they persevere after the onset of an unknown pathogen that turns dead humans into zombies. Through the story, we begin to understand how humanity evolves in a world without law and order to govern the land. GameStop has collectibles to celebrate storylines, from when Rick first encounters the Walkers all the way to characters from the current season.

  • Journals: When you are out on patrol and protecting camp from nearby Walkers, sometimes you need a place to keep your thoughts. GameStop has the perfect solution to your pen problems, a Walking Dead Journal. Find different versions with Daryl, Rick, or even the Walkers displayed on the cover.
  • Action Figures: In The Walking Dead universe, there are various heroes and antiheroes. These strong personalities make for multiple intricate action figures. Find various types of The Walking Dead action figures, including the Color Tops, Mini Busts, and collectible figurines.
  • Mystery Mini: The world of The Walking Dead is filled with mystery and suspense, so why let the fun end there. Check out these Mystery Minis for a chance to get your favorite Walking Dead character or to learn more about another character.
  • Clothing: After the Walkers came, new clothes became a luxury. Lucky for you, that hasn't happened in our world (not yet, at least). Check out these t-shirts, socks, pajama pants and boxers that all display Walking Dead quotes, imagery or more.
  • Funko POP! Figures: Build your own Alexandria Safe Zone with the vinyl versions of our heroes or stage a Walker assault using the Walker POP! Figures.

The Walking Dead has taken the world by storm, so be sure to check out our collectibles at GameStop for your favorite Deadhead.