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Why GameStop is excited for The Last Guardian

The Last Guardian is a visually stunning action-adventure game from the creative mind of director Fumito Ueda. As a young boy, you wake up in a strange castle covered in mysterious tattoos. You don't remember how you got there, but know you have to escape.

Moving through the dungeon, you come across a powerful beast, named Trico. You don't know who kidnapped you, or why. The only way to find answers is by working together.

  • Cooperative Gameplay: Your character must figure out how to befriend, train, and work with a powerful creature. Solve complex puzzles together using your intelligence and Trico's instincts, once you earn his trust.
  • An Immersive World: Mesmerizing lighting and an all-new physics engine create a living, breathing environment. The Last Guardian takes full advantage of the powerful PS4 system that helps bring Ueda's vision to life. Lose yourself in a realm that's both beautiful and dangerous.

The Last Guardian is the latest title by Fumito Ueda, who created the groundbreaking games Ico (2001) and Shadow of the Colossus (2005). Ueda hopes expand the genre of narrative storytelling. His newest title shares many of the same stylistic and thematic elements that made those classics memorable.

In this new game, the designer hopes to add a new emotional layer that wasn't possible on older systems. The relationship between your player and the powerful beast is a key focus of the storyline, since neither one of you will escape without the aide and trust of the other.

As you learn more about the strange situation you find yourself in, the mystery only seems to deepen. Why were you kidnapped? Who brought you here? You'll only find answers once you're free.