Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey
Super Mario Odyssey


Set sail aboard the airship Odyssey to save Princess Peach from another one of Bowser's evil plots in the Nintendo Switch exclusive, Super Mario Odyssey. Explore various realms far beyond the Mushroom Kingdom in search of Power Moons to help Mario and his new companion, Cappy, power up the Odyssey Airship and save the princess!

  • An open world awaits: Super Mario Odyssey returns to the sandbox-style of gameplay, popularized by the classic Super Mario 64. Travel kingdom to kingdom aboard the Odyssey to explore a more diverse world than ever before.

  • The power of Cappy: In this odyssey, Mario is joined by Cappy. Though he may appear to be a simple hat, this powerful ally possesses the ability to capture enemies and objects. So just throw Cappy and see what happens!

  • Multiplayer Mario: Exploring is more fun with a companion! Pass your friend a Nintendo Joy-Con and they can jump into the action. Player 1 controls Mario, while Player 2 takes control of Cappy and is able to fly around to hit enemies, collect coins, and activate objectives.

  • The Crazy Cap Store: As your adventure progresses, you will find Crazy Cap stores which allow you to exchange your hard-earned coins for souvenirs from different kingdoms and new outfits for Mario!

In this latest installment of the Mario series, gameplay was designed to be reminiscent of the classic, open-world Mario adventures players have enjoyed for years, with plenty of new narratives and features to discover. Super Mario Odyssey also offers new kingdoms to explore, tons of new powers to use, and hordes of new enemies to fight.

Jump into the action when Super Mario Odyssey is released exclusively for the Nintendo Switch, available for purchase at GameStop locations and purchase or download on