State of Decay 2

State of Decay 2
State of Decay 2


The infection has spread and civilization has fallen. The dead have risen and now reign supreme in the wasteland. Only the rare survivors can stand up to the zombie hoards. State of Decay 2 drops you into a post-apocalyptic world where it is up to you to gather supplies, build communities, and do whatever it takes to stay safe. What's left of civilization is out there, waiting to be explored, raided, and repurposed. How will you survive?

  • A Team of Survivors: State of Decay 2 offers a 4-player, co-op multiplayer experience. Team up with your friends to kill zombies, scavenge towns, or build a home base. Surviving is better with friends.

  • Build Your Home Base: Your base is your command center and your sanctuary. Build up the community and use upgrades to achieve your survival goals. Cultivate gardens, build guard towers, and create workshops, infirmaries, and more. The choice is yours!

  • An Apocalyptically Open World: In this zombie-infested world, you have complete strategic control on how you want to build your base, develop your characters, and manage resources.

State of Decay 2 is the ultimate open-world zombie survival game that gives you total control of how you thrive in a world of limited resources. Every little decision matters, whether you choose to fight for humanity or steal others' supplies and leave them helpless. Will you burn bridges or build walls? Or will you unite a community to fight for survival?

State of Decay 2 is now available.