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    Why GameStop is excited for Skyrim Special Edition

    In 2011, Bethesda Softworks released the fifth game in their popular Elder Scrolls role playing series: Skyrim. This northern kingdom is in the middle of a bitter civil war, with your player caught between both sides.

    An ancient dragon leader, Alduin, attacks the village during what would be your execution. You escape to another village and, through helping a new companion, you discover that you're Dragonborn: a mystical mortal with the might of Dragons. An ancient prophecy says that Alduin's return will mean the destruction of your world unless you find a way to stop him. Along the way you'll discover allies, make enemies, and travel hundreds of miles in the wild wilderness of Skyrim.

    When the original game launched, it quickly became the most popular installment in the Elder Scrolls series. Adventurers embraced the open world, deep storyline, and compelling gameplay. Computer players loved the mod-friendly design, adding hundreds of hours of additional content to an already epic campaign.

    This October, Bethesda Softworks is re-releasing Skyrim in an all-new special edition that invites you to explore the frozen wastes once more. New features include:

    • Player Created Mods: Explore the content created by passionate fans, available on consoles for the first time ever.
    • Next Generation Graphics: Bethesda Softworks updated the game to take advantage of the latest consoles. Updated graphics, lighting and effects bring the province of Skyrim to life, creating an experience you have to see to believe.
    • I ncludes All Previous DLC: The special edition ships with all the content from the Dawnguard, Hearthfire, and Dragonborn expansions. Free.

    New quests, environments, and characters await. Thanks to mods, and Skyrim's immersive storytelling, there's no limit to what adventures you can find in the Elder Scrolls.