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    Why GameStop is excited for Red Dead Redemption 2

    By the year 1899, the heyday of the Wild West was fading into memory as lawmen hunted down the last remaining gunslingers and criminals. With the law rapidly closing in, join Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde gang as they rob, fight and steal their way across America in a battle for survival as the fast-approaching modern era threatens to tear their gang apart.

    • Roam the Wild West: Play as Arthur Morgan as he explores the heartland of America and the intriguing folks that call it home. Lush forests, beautiful homesteads, and wide plains give players free reign to experience this world any way they see fit.
    • Live the Frontier Life: Whether it's thrilling gun battles, epic train robberies, hunting fierce predators or riding the hills on horseback, Red Dead Redemption 2 drops players into the harsh reality that is the Wild West and empowers them with the type of freedom the Wild West embodied.
    • A Beautiful and Violent World: Discover a deep, seamless and complex world with bustling towns full of life, stunning weather effects and a gorgeously immersive setting covering a huge cross-section of 19th century America. Rockstar Games left no detail behind to create a stunningly vibrant representation of the Old West for the latest generation of hardware.

    Red Dead Redemption 2 allows players to live out their open-world Old West dreams as an outlaw in the final years of the American West with improved gameplay, graphics, and an epic story. Go to GameStop to pre-order now.

    The Game Informer Watch List: Red Dead Redemption 2

    When the original Red Dead Redemption released in 2010, it changed open world games and video game narrative in a dramatic way. When we ranked the top 300 games of all time for our 300th issue, we placed it at number eight. Calling it one of the best games of all time is not a hyperbolic statement, and for that reason, excitement for the sequel is through the roof.

    The in-depth intricacies of Red Dead Redemption 2's mechanics and story are still mostly mysterious, but we do know a few important things. The game is a prequel, covering the exploits of the infamous Dutch van der Linde gang at the beginning of the end of the West. You play as a character named Arthur Morgan, a senior member and lead enforcer of the gang. John Marston, the protagonist from the original game, is also part of the story. It was his time with the Dutch van der Linde gang that lead to the events of Red Dead Redemption, after all.

    This is Rockstar's first dedicated game for the current generation of consoles and as a result, it looks stunning. The new lighting system lends the sunlight an impressive brightness, and the scenes that take place at night offer a stunning contrast with skies full of stars. The characters in the game also have an incredible level of detail in their faces and clothing. You can see every imperfection in the stitching on Morgan's hat.

    Horse-riding and hunting, expectedly, return, but we've also learned about a few new mechanics, like a new layer of interaction that allows you to talk to citizens without drawing your weapon to give you more options in every encounter. We've also seen teases and large-scale train robberies and other gang-like activities.