• OUYA A new kind of video game console

    ouya game console
  • meet ouya

    ouya shown on TV screen

    Video games just feel bigger and better on a TV screen. Surround Sound. HD. A room full of friends. Console gaming isn't going anywhere, but console games aren't as much fun as they could be.

    That's why we made OUYA: a new kind of game console, to bring groundbreaking games to the television in an entirely new way.

    "Who wouldn't want a beautiful piece of industrial design that sells for $99, plugs straight into your TV, and gives you access to a huge library of games?" - Jordan Mechner (creator of Prince of Persia, Karateka)

  • Games Only on OUYA

    You download OUYA games directly to your console -- no discs to buy or scratch.

    And the games on OUYA are made by some of the most inventive game developers in the business. Favorite franchises like Final Fantasy, brand new never-before-seen titles and hundreds of other games. Shooters, platformers, role-playing games, action games... You name it.

    And, best of all, every game on OUYA is free to try. You might end up investing in that coin doubler, buying the healing elixir that extends your life, or unlocking the full version of the game, but everything -- absolutely everything -- is free to try. We believe you shouldn't have to buy it unless you love it.

    Small... but Powerful

    What's the ouya size?

    OUYA is about the size of a Rubik's cube, but it plays hard in full-screen HD. It uses an nVIDIA quad-core CPU and outputs via HDMI at up to a stunning 1080p resolution. It powers on instantly.

    Need more storage? No problem. Just plug in an external hard drive into the USB 2.0 port. Like to hardwire your Internet? That's cool. Jack into OUYA's high-speed ethernet port. WiFi works too. If you want to develop games, just plug your laptop into our micro-USB port -- anyone can release an OUYA game. And the hardware opens so you can customize it if that's your bag.

    We listen to our supporters, and try to evolve OUYA so it always gets better for them. When you buy OUYA, you become part of our effort to change how console gaming works.

  • A Controller That's Hard to Put Down

    ouya controller

    OUYA's Bluetooth controller will feel immediately familiar, and extraordinary. Hold it and enjoy its weight and balance. The aluminum faceplates are cool to the touch and fully customizable (they're removable). We've tried to build the fastest, most precise game controller around. And it has one special bonus -- a touchpad for another way to control things.

    Connect up to four (4) controllers to any OUYA and play with your friends, or those randoms who keep coming over, from the comfort of your couch.

    What's in the OUYA Box?

    ouya console: what's in the ouya box?

    What's in the OUYA Box?

  • OUYA game console
  • OUYA wireless controller with removable faceplates
  • HDMI cable
  • Two AA batteries
  • Power adapter
  • Specifications

    OUYA Console:
  • Case: Sand-blasted Aluminum and Plastic
  • CPU: nVIDIA Tegra 3 Quad-Core
  • Memory: 1GB RAM
  • Storage: 8GB Internal Flash Storage (expandable via USB Port)
  • Connectivity: WiFi (802.11 b/g/n), Ethernet port, and Bluetooth
  • USB: One USB 2.0 port, One Micro USB port
  • Output: HDMI (up to 1080p HD)
  • Dimensions: 75mm x 75mm x 82mm (2.9” x 2.9” x 3.2”)
  • Weight: 300g (10.5 oz)
    ouya wireless controller

    OUYA Wireless Controller:

  • OUYA game console
  • OUYA wireless controller with removable faceplates
  • HDMI cable
  • Two AA batteries
  • Power adapter
  • Additional Requirements

    OUYA... lovingly made by a team of gamers who believe that console games will never die.

  • Why GameStop is excited for OUYA

    The brand new Ouya (pronounced oo-yah) console lets you do just that, allowing you to download all your favorite games and more straight to the console itself through the Ouya Store, full of applications and games designed specifically for the Ouya console.

    Plus, since the Ouya system is only about the size of a Rubik's Cube, you don't even need to push your other game systems out of the way to make room for it. Be sure to check back soon to get sneak peeks at more upcoming games for the Ouya. Best of all, every game for the Ouya is guaranteed to have some sort of free trial mode or game demo to let you try it before you buy it! With thousands of games currently in development for the Ouya, you'll need to free up some time in your schedule just for gaming.

    The Ouya console release date is Tuesday, June 25. Check back soon for exciting news and game updates.