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MLB Mondays Week 1

The Little Things + Custom Batting Stances

Learn about new Batting Stance Creator and the new tweaks to the game.

MLB Mondays Week 2

Presentation and Commentary

Check out the improvements that have been made to the presentation of the game and commentary this year.

MLB Mondays Week 3

Diamond Dynasty

"Call your shot" and stake your place in baseball history with the improved Diamond Dynasty mode.

MLB Mondays Week 4

All Rise Unboxing

See how the All Rise Edition knocks "The Lid" off the competition with our unboxing video.

MLB Mondays Week 5

Road to the Show

What path will you take to get to the big leagues? Getting there is more fun than ever in Road To The Show.

MLB Mondays Week 6

Top Ten New Things

It's finally time to look at the top ten new features and improvements coming to The Show this year on MLB Monday.

MLB Mondays Week 7

Faster Ways to Play

With new Faster Ways To Play, you’ll spend more time playing and less time 7th inning stretching.

Why GameStop is excited for MLB The Show 18

It's the bottom of the 9th and the bases are loaded. Now's the time for you to be the star in MLB The Show 18! You can now step up to the plate and play baseball the way you always wanted. Compared to earlier versions, MLB The Show 18 delivers more game modes, customization, and freedom of choice, giving even casual baseball fans more to enjoy. From rookie to MVP, experience the best the game has to offer with MLB The Show 18.

  • Overhauled Road to The Show: Play through The Show 18's Road to The Show mode to experience a baseball RPG where every decision you make, on and off the field, matters. With revamped settings, this year's The Show helps you forge your own path to greatness.
  • Throwback Gameplay for Old School Fun: The Show 18 offers Retro Mode, with pick-up-and-play controls and a more approachable look. This simplified game mode gets anyone in the game - from baseball noobs to seasoned pros.
  • Play with the Greats: In Diamond Dynasty mode, you can craft a roster full of all-time greats. Build a team that is truly your own, with beloved icons like Ken Griffey Jr. and Babe Ruth. All players have specialized strengths and weaknesses, so choose wisely.

MLB The Show 18's various settings and modes will keep the game fresh, even with routine play. So, create your dream team, perfect your swing, and dive into the action.