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MLB Mondays Week 1

New Commentary and Presentation

Learn about new commentary and presentation updates to MLB The Show 17.

MLB Mondays Week 2

The Little Things - Parts 1 & 2

Check out the many new updates to the game.

MLB Mondays Week 3

Unboxing the Hall of Fame Edtion

Watch the unboxing of the MLB The Show 17 Hall of Fame Edtion.

MLB Mondays Week 4

Franchise Mode Updates

Watch as we catch you up on all the changes to Franchise Mode.

MLB Mondays Week 5

MVP Edition Un boxing

Watch the unboxing of the MLB The Show 17 MVP Edtion.

MLB Mondays Week 6

Retro Mode Overview

Check out the newly included Retro Mode.

MLB Mondays Week 7

Graphical Improvements

Watch as we show you all the graphical improvements made since last year.

Why GameStop is excited for MLB The Show 17

Console baseball is about to get even better. MLB The Show 17 offers an authentic baseball experience with live commentators, realistic gameplay, and incredibly detailed stadiums. Not only will games come to life with vivid detail and fantastic aesthetics, but you can explore strategy off-the-diamond to set up your teams for the greatest success.

Track your favorite players with greater detail, including improved stats. Monitor everything from their batting average to how long it takes them to run the bases. New managerial options allow you to choose what features you want to accelerate so you never miss your favorite parts of the game.

  • Retro Mode: Experience games the way you remember from your youth. Play in some of the sport's most iconic stadiums and with beloved players.
  • Transfer Your Team: If you played MLB the Show 16, transfer the saved information into the new year.
  • Road to The Show: Follow the career of a promising rookie in the new storyline mode. Your decisions can determine if he'll be the next superstar or just another forgotten ballplayer.

MLB The Show 17 also marks the first time in years that Ken Griffey Jr. appears in video games. The kid is back, and MLB The Show 2017 is your chance to see if he's still king. When you're in control, anything is possible.

Join the big leagues with the MLB® The Show 17 Hall of Fame Edition. Featuring more than $200 in value, the Hall of Fame Edition is a must for any baseball fan. Along with a copy of the game, the Hall of Fame Edition comes with:

  • Limited Edition Steel Book
  • Limited Edition New Era Hat
  • Digital New Era Hat for use in Diamond Dynasty
  • 11,000 Stubs
  • Gold Season Starter Pack
  • Diamond Season Starter Pack
  • 1 Sponsor Pack
  • 10 Standard Packs
  • 31 PS4 Themes

MLB the Show 17 is availabvle for the PS4.