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    Why GameStop is excited for Mirror's Edge Catalyst

    Glass is a futuristic city; one who's pristine image is the result of oppressive control from the corporations that rule it. Throughout the city, small pockets of resistance work against totalitarian rule, relying on runners to carry communications between them.

    In Mirror's Edge: Catalyst, you reassume your role as Faith, a runner who uses physical prowess to avoid the authorities, outrunning them when she can, fighting them whenever she can't. Building on the success of 2008's Mirror's Edge, Catalyst is not a sequel, prequel, or reboot, but instead an expanded chapter into this beautiful and terrifying reality.

    • Open-World Exploration: Roam the streets of Glass freely between missions. The city's fully realized design lets you forge your own path to an objective, or discover a new mission entirely
    • Rediscover Faith: Learn more about the most famous Runner in Glass with a new storyline that explores her complex history.
    • Reimagined Multiplayer: Compete against your friends in timed matches, or work to complete deliveries in a shared city where your actions affect their outcome

    Run along ledges and zip lines, or leap across alleyways at incredible speeds to reach your objectives. EA's Frostbite 3 engine renders Glass like you've never seen it before, and a reimagined "runners vision" puts the action into first-person, allowing you to experience the city just like Faith would.

    Available for PS4, Xbox One, and PC, Mirror's Edge: Catalyst promises to be one of the most beautiful action-adventure titles on any platform.