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Why GameStop is excited for Halo Collectibles

Halo Collectibles

From its humble beginnings in 2001, Halo has grown over the past two decades into one of the greatest game franchises of all time. With the success of Bungie's groundbreaking first-person shooter comes a wide collection of toys, action figures and even RC vehicles all themed after the Spartans of the Halo universe and Master Chief. Take a look at the diverse goodies available at GameStop to treat yourself or give the perfect gift to your favorite Halo enthusiast.

  • Motorcycle Helmets: Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be Master Chief riding on a Banshee through space? Well, sadly, that isn't possible, but a Master Chief Motorcycle Helmet can at least give you the well-recognized look of John-117.
  • RC Vehicles: Within the Halo universe there were tons of cars and ships to pilot. Now you can take the wheel of a Warthog or a Ghost, from the comfort of a remote control.
  • Action Figures: As the Halo series progressed, we began to see Spartans with different armor styles or colors. Naturally, we got jealous. But that isn't necessary anymore, as these 6-inch action figures come in various different color or style varieties to fit all of our fashion needs.

Halo is widely recognized as one of the best first-person shooting games of our generation. Show your fandom by buying one of the many Collectible items available today!