Gundam Model Kits and Figures

Why GameStop is excited for Gundam Collectibles


What started out as a Japanese animated TV series has now taken the world by storm. The term Gundam has become synonymous with any sort of giant metal robot, and for good reason. The Gundam series was one of the first to imagine giant robots fighting in space, an idea that seized the imaginations of kids and adults alike.

To many collectors, another great thing about the Gundam franchise is the beautiful and elaborate models that are created of the various Mobile Suit Gundam characters. Each character is distinctly different and unique in its own way. This hobby of building models of Gundam characters has exploded, now dominating the plastic-model market. If you have always been interested in model building or are just looking for the right Gundam to add to your collection, check out the armada of Gundam that GameStop has to offer.

  • Model Kits: Find new Model Kits to add to your collection. GameStop offers several different kinds of Model Kits, from High Grade, to Master Grade, and even Rare Grade.
  • Figures: If modeling isn’t your thing or if you are looking for a more simple addition to your collection, GameStop has icon Gundam figures available, no assembly required.

If you are looking the perfect gift for your sci-fi loving friend or simply trying to expand your ever-growing Gundam collection, GameStop has something for you!