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    Why GameStop is excited for Final Fantasy XV

    Deception and treachery has shattered the promising truce that would've ended the long shadow war between the mystical kingdom of Lucis the militant empire of Niflheim. The world's last crystal is gone, taken by Niflheim agents as they launch simultaneous attacks on their neighbor nations. Noctis, Prince of Lucis, sets out to stop the empire and reclaim his home's crystal, the source of their magical power and protection. Will he and his friends be successful in their quest? What will this dark, new world reveal before the final act?

    • Active Cross Battle System: Final Fantasy XV integrates battle scenes into the game's open world environment, allowing you to control the flow of combat in real time. Combat commands correspond to button mapping on your controller, giving you instant control of the battleground and tactics.
    • World-Influenced Magic: Magic used by Noctis differs from spells used by his companions and can change the outcome of battle based on the environment. Fire spells used on a clear day can spread more quickly, potentially hurting your companions, while lightning cast during a rainstorm might strike more targets.
    • Summoned Monsters Returned: Summoning mythical creatures to fight at your side is a staple of the Final Fantasy franchise, and the fifteenth installment is no different. Noctis must defeat summoned monsters before they will come to his aid, presenting new challenges.

    Available for the Playstation4 and Xbox One, Final Fantasy XV promises to bring a darker, real world tinge to the long-running series. Explore cities, take on intricate quests, and progress through a compelling storyline to save your home and the world itself.